How to Deal with Robocalls – The Complete Guide?

You may have heard of robocalls or automated calls. These are calls that are made without your consent and usually without your knowledge. They can be a nuisance because they can be used to harass or scam you. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of robocalls, the different ways to deal with them, and the best way to avoid them in the future.

What Is A Robocall?

Automated calls are primarily made by businesses to their existing customers, but they can also be made by spam callers. The most common kind of robocall is a telemarketing call that is being made to an individual’s landline or mobile phone number.

Robocalls are also used for a wide range of purposes, from advertising products and services to scamming people out of their money.

To avoid these calls, it’s best to block your phone number on all service providers. But if you’re worried about missing legitimate calls or messages, consider using a call blocker app on your phone or computer.

Different Types Of Robocalls:

Robocalls come in many different forms. They can be a nuisance because they can be used to harass or scam you. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of robocalls, the different ways to deal with them, and the best way to avoid them in the future.

One type is spoofed calls. These calls are made by scammers pretending to be legitimate businesses. If a person answers the phone, they’ll usually hear something along the lines of “Hello, (insert company name), how are you doing today?” This type of robocall is often made when a scammer needs your personal information so that they can steal from you. Another type is called an IRS robocall and it will inform you that you have won a prize from IRS sweepstakes for which there was no entry fee charged.

The other two types of robocalls include recorded calls and live calls. Recorded calls are made by telemarketers who call people with recorded messages about products or services that are being offered for sale or other reasons without your permission. Live calls from individuals posing as someone else are another form of robocalling as well as spam texts and emails that contain “spim.”

How Can You Deal With A Robocall?

One of the most common types of robocalls is a telemarketing call. These calls are often made by companies that want to sell you something or do another type of marketing for their product or service.

The best way to deal with a telemarketing call is to say that you’ll only speak with someone if you can tell them, it’s an auto-dialed sale call. You simply need to say, “I’m not interested in participating in your survey.” This will usually put them on high alert and they should stop calling you.

If they continue to call, ask them who they are and their company name. Then, hang up. If they continue to call, report them as a scammer through your phone company’s complaint department. To know more about this, you can check out the detailed post on how contractors can deal with robocalls.

The best ways to avoid robocalls:

Robocalls are a problem that many people, including celebrities, have faced. These calls can be used to scam, harass, or invade your privacy. To prevent robocalls from affecting your life and those around you, here’s how to keep them out of your life.

1) Get a telephone number that won’t show up on caller ID

A lot of times robocallers will use an unlisted number so they don’t show up on caller ID when they call you. If you want to ensure that these creeps don’t bother you anymore, try getting a number that isn’t listed on the national Do Not Call list. Many providers offer this service for free!

2) Set up auto-reject for your phone line

Setting up an auto-reject is one of the easiest ways to keep unwanted calls from reaching you. This feature lets whoever is calling know that their call is being rejected—without even having to pick up the phone! It can be used as an extra layer of protection from unwanted calls at home or with your business.


Robocalls are a big problem for many people, but there are some ways to avoid getting a robocall. The first step is to not answer your phone when you see the “robocall” icon on your phone’s screen. This will stop a robocall from reaching you. If you do answer, you may be able to stop the call by holding down the power button on your phone and ending the call. If you receive a robocall and have a caller ID, you can block all future calls from that number by contacting your carrier. If the robocall is coming from a landline, you can contact the company that owns that line and ask them to stop robocalling you. If the number is coming from a cell phone, you can contact your carrier and they’ll handle it.