How to deal with Malwarebytes Error 1022 code

Malwarebytes antivirus error 1022 is one of the most common error codes reported by users. While scanning the computer with Malwarebytes antivirus, the error displayed on the screen and the scanning process interrupts. Sometimes people can also get this error while opening or shutting down the device. Error 1022 occurs when Malwarebytes is interrupting with another program. 

Reasons for getting Malwarebytes error 1022:

  1. The user has installed multiple antivirus programs on his computer
  2. Another program is conflicting with Malwarebytes
  3. You have deleted Malwarebytes program files mistakenly
  4. Broken registry files
  5. Windows OS files get corrupted

Fixing Malwarebytes error 1022 code: 

Check the system compatibility

If the user is getting Malwarebytes not opening Windows 10 error on the screen then you need to check the resource requirements of your antivirus plan. Users sometimes install incompatible antivirus plans on the device and then get into the error. Check the resource requirements of your installed Malwarebytes setup. Compare the resources with your device specifications. In case you have installed an incompatible Malwarebytes antivirus plan on your computer then cancel the subscription and get a compatible Malwarebytes setup for your computer.

Uninstall the conflicting program

Some users reported that they are getting Malwarebytes antivirus error with a particular program. This happens when the person has installed a malicious program on the computer which is conflicting with your Malwarebytes. Malicious programs can harm your computer and steal your data. You should uninstall the program which is conflicting with your Malwarebytes antivirus. Open your device and go to the Apps folders where you get a list of all the installed programs on your computer. Search for the app which is conflicting with your antivirus and then uninstall it. Restart your computer and then perform a system scan with your Malwarebytes anti-malware. 

Remove another antivirus program

When you are getting the error code while scanning the device with Malwarebytes then you should check the list of installed programs on your computer. Errors while scanning occurs when your antivirus and other security software detect malware and then start conflicting with each other. Never installed another antivirus with Malwarebytes setup. Even if you have an old Malwarebytes setup, uninstall it. Remove other security software programs from your device and then scan the computer with your Malwarebytes. 

Check the Windows files for error

Windows files can get corrupt due to various reasons and then start showing errors. If you are getting the error due to corrupted Windows files then you need to restore those files immediately. If you can’t restore the broken windows files manually then use the file checker tool. This tool will restore all the broken Windows files manually. 

  1. On your device, click on the Start button
  2. Type run on the search bar
  3. Windows run box will be displayed
  4. Type command and press the Enter button

Now type sfc/scannow on the command screen and the tool will start running. Once complete, you will get a result page. If your Windows files get restored then open Malwarebytes antivirus and try to scan your computer.

Delete browser and system junk

Removing the junk from your computer is one of the potential ways to troubleshoot the error. You can either go to every folder and remove the unnecessary files or can use the clean manager tool. Running this tool will search and remove all the junk files from your computer. Open the command window of your device and search for the cleanmgr tool. Press the Enter button and this tool will start running on your device. Click the files you want to remove and then press the Enter button. After removing the junk, reopen the Malwarebytes antivirus and check the error. In case the error is in Malwarebytes program files then you should reinstall a fresh Malwarebytes setup on your computer.