How to Deal With Job Hunting Stress with Temporary Job

Writing Steller cover letters, tailoring your resume and sending applications one on top of another – if you resonate with that, sounds like you are about to (or maybe already) suffer from the job search fatigue.

Whether you are working, want to leave your company or you have been unemployed for months, looking for a job sucks. You are going through too many emotions – not able to find positions that interest you, not getting an interview call from your favorite company, or you got called for an interview, you thought you nailed it but another candidate is picked.

No matter where you are in this process, I am sure by now, you’re exhausted. Am I ever going to find a good job? Should I take the offer I received even though it’s not what I hoped for? Hold on, before you make a final decision, I suggest you get in touch with temporary staffing agencies.

Beat the Stress with a Temporary Job

If you haven’t found the right job, I say wait till you do. Meanwhile, fill your time and pay your bills with a temporary job.

You are not accepting a bargain. Rather, you are buying more time for a better position. This decision comes with added benefits that will surprise you:

An Opportunity To Add More Experience

Any opportunity to expand your experience within your industry is a great opportunity. Working in a temporary position strengthens your resume.

What worries most of us is the gaps in our jobs. This is a red flag in the eyes of most employers. Some even worry that your skills might have gotten rusty. All these worries subside with a temp job. Accepting a temporary job makes for a positive impression. It shows that you took an initiative which is a trait potential employers admire.

It Keeps You Motivated

Let’s face it, a spade is a spade. Job hunting takes a toll on our mental health. That crippling depression and anxiety become your new friend.

Some of us start applying for jobs irrelevant to our experience. Employers are really good at sensing desperation in such an application. Before you spiral into this pothole, get in touch with a temp recruiter to hunt a temporary position for you.

Grappling a temporary role gives you so many different jobs to perform. This could be a real confidence booster. And if you like the job and you fit in well, you might as well be hired permanently.

Broaden Your Network

How do you feel about networking? Unless you are an extrovert, this word will dread you. Walking around a room filled with people that too wearing suits is kind of scary.

A temporary job is a casual way of broadening your network. You’ll meet people from different backgrounds and sectors. When you meet new people, it challenges the way you think. It makes you grow personally and professionally. Whatever you learn, you can use it in the future.

Much Room for Experiment

Temporary work offers perks a permanent position can’t. You have all the flexibility in the world. You can try out different departments, handle different tasks, and chat with different people. It is an eye-opening experience. This little venture will change your routine. Trying the same wheel for years can get highly monotonous. Consider it time to shake up your routine for something better.

Some Tips to Deal with the Stress

If you’re an over-thinker, a temp position alone won’t make the stress disappear. That’s natural. Kick the stress to the curb with these tips:

Share Your Feelings

A problem shared is a problem halved (if not solved). These anxious feelings won’t go away on their own. Reach out to a friend and vent those feelings out.

Be Kind To Yourself

Haven’t been receiving responses?  Shut down those voices in your head that say you are useless or it’s out of my league. Hear me out; you won’t achieve anything by beating yourself up. Stay away from self-blame and self-criticism. Go easy on yourself.

Spend More Time On Fewer Applications

Instead of applying on all kinds of jobs, narrow down and stick to relevant positions only. Funnel your energy into the application for roles you are genuinely passionate about. Spend your time writing a beefy cover letter. Appear as an attractive candidate to increase your chances of getting noticed.


Job hunting often results in a pervasive feeling that you need to constantly network and apply to a different position. In the midst of it all, you might have forgotten about self-care.

Mediate, spend some me-time and forget about the job stress for a while. This downtime will help you put your goals and priorities into perspective. Start over with a new mental clarity now. You will be surprised to see new ideas flowing.

Embrace The Inevitable And Move On

Lastly, when you not picked for your dream role, let it go. Remember that there are more opportunities out there. It’s a great idea to follow up on our recruiter asking for feedback. This would help you prepare for your next application.

Dealing with job stress lies in your own hand. To find a temporary job, get in touch with a temp agency. They have a pool of, healthcare, IT, finance, marketing, and mortgage recruiters onboard. Just give them your resume and they’d take care of everything. Consider this a short break that might give your career a new direction.

How to Deal With Job Hunting Stress with Temporary Job


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