How To Create The Perfect Email Marketing

The constant appearance of new technologies has led many to question the use of e-mail in their marketing and communication tasks, indeed, even in recent years its effectiveness has been questioned. At the same time, the fact that many users have linked email marketing with junk or spam information has contributed to the spread of this very negative idea about email marketing. In this sense, we are not going to deny that there are marketing professionals who buy lists and send quantities of emails without any criteria. However, we must bear in mind that they are not sufficient criteria when it comes to downplaying the use of email in marketing.

 If these reasons have not yet convinced you to continue using email marketing in your business, we will tell you others that will surely finish doing it and they are also more than important since they will bring you many improvements in your sales. According to eWorldTrade, the first of them is that you must start from the basis that the objective of your emails should be to delight your customers, which will strengthen your relationship, and which will also allow you to keep track of all your sales opportunities, which will help you get new customers and grow your business. Do not forget either that all the information you send in your emails must be useful and relevant. If you don’t have anything interesting to convey to your clients, it will be preferable that you discard the idea of ​​sending an email. Remember that Inbound Marketing deals with, among other fundamental issues, the perfect combination between context and content. 

We are sure that a good use of email will help you increase your sales, strengthen relationships with your customers and also reduce their loss. Therefore, in addition to telling you all this, we wanted to create a list of tips to create the perfect email:

Segment a database

Performing a segmentation of our database of leads, prospects or clients will help us to elaborate the most appropriate message that we want to send. Segmentation together with a selection in it will be the first thing we must do to design and write both our email and the offer we send. In fact, this small initial study will be essential to be able to personalize any email marketing campaign, which will also ensure its success. 

Email optimization

Another important issue when creating a successful email is that both image and text and resolution must be optimized for viewing on any type of device. We cannot forget that today more and more users have at their disposal a wide variety of both mobile and fixed devices that are used at any time and indistinctly.

Successful content for an email

At the beginning we told you the importance of segmenting your business audience and it is recommended because this action will allow you to quickly and easily discover what the main needs of your customers are. From your discovery, you will be able to create content that meets those needs and gaps above all, something that will guarantee your success and make your customers happy to continue in contact with your business.

Remember also that your content is not very long, since in general customers do not have enough time to stop and read them. So we recommend using little text and direct language, as well as images, enumerations, and lists. Thus the reading will be simple and pleasant.

Objective of an email marketing

You must start from the basis that your email campaigns must meet three fundamental objectives, which are brand awareness, generating traffic to the website and at the same time increasing sales opportunities. And to achieve them, follow an advice as simple as that your content should not be focused on your products, but on your customer. Always keep in mind that your main objective will be to delight him and not overwhelm him with everything he could buy. Also, remember to avoid old-fashioned promotional content, that is, eliminate words such as “free” or “guaranteed” from the wording of your email,

Design of an email

Regarding the design of an email, we have no doubts when we affirm that it is something fundamental that will influence its opening rate, since the more attractive it is, the better and the more benefits it will bring to your business. Let yourself be advised by a graphic designer or keep up to date with the latest design developments to be able to create an email that brings together the latest trends and makes it irresistible. In this sense, you cannot forget to include a CTA or a Call to Action in the email, which will allow you to increase user conversions. 

Measure the results of an email

Remember to use analysis tools that allow you to measure the ROI of any email campaign, which will help you to know the success of the strategy you have implemented. These tools will provide you with information about the bounce rate, the delivery rate, the open rate or the conversion rate, among others. Also don’t forget to perform A / B tests frequently as they will let you know which elements work best. And finally, do not send emails to people who have not previously agreed to contact them.

Nancy Yates

Nancy Yates is a trend researcher by passion, a digital marketing expert, and a professional business and tech blogger. As a tech knowledge, Nancy Yates eagerly looks for the ins and outs of modern tech growths.