How to Create Effective Employee Recognition Programs

Showing appreciation and recognition towards employees can go a long way in building trustworthy and loyal relationships between employers and employees. Employee recognition programs are an excellent way to boost employee morale and motivation, effectively leading to better employee work performance that contributes to an organisation’s success. 

Plan and perfect your employee recognition program to ensure that you can provide your employees with incentives to stay loyal to the company, improving employee retention rates and productivity. 

In this blog, we will explore top tips when it comes to creating effective employee recognition programs for your organisation. Let’s dive right into it. 

What are employee recognition programs?

First of all, let’s quickly define employee recognition programs and what they mean for a business. Employee recognition programs are simply ways in which employers recognise the accomplishments of their employees. 

In a 2022 report by Gallup and WorkHuman, employee recognition was shown to be associated with improved employee wellbeing. Particularly, 90% of employees are less likely to cite being “always” or “very often” burned out, whilst 40% are also less likely to report experiencing stress, sadness, and worry. 

These statistics show that there is value in incorporating an employee recognition program within your organisation, so if you are looking to reap such benefits, let’s further discuss how you can create an effective one. 

Quality over quantity

Producing an employee recognition program that meets your employees’ needs is more effective than having one that consists of numerous methods and ways of recognising employees, but does not do much in terms of positive outcomes. 

Prioritising the quality of the program over the number of recognition routes can lead to fruitful results that will have your employees become happier and more productive in the workplace. 

For example, building a loyal rapport with your employees is a sure way to encourage them to stay with your company for years to come. Get to know your employees on a personal level. Remember their birthdays and important milestones, including anniversaries – not just work ones either. 

Sending a simple birthday card with a small present, or flowers and wine or champagne to congratulate them on their anniversary or achievement, is a great way to celebrate milestones with them. 

If you are unsure about what present to give them, it’s a good idea to get to know them better beforehand. Some employees may not want their birthday announced, so it would also be worthwhile to ask them if they’re comfortable with company birthday gifts. 

Consistency is key

Being consistent is crucial regarding an effective employee recognition program. If you have outlined specific ways in which you will recognise and appreciate your employees, then you must follow through with them to show your employees that you are dedicated to recognising their hard work. 

A few ways in which you can incorporate an employee recognition program are: 

  • Set up an employee recognition wall/wall of fame – dedicating a wall for employees who have consistently worked hard can inspire employees and challenge others to increase their efforts
  • Monetary awards – gift cards, bonuses, or even extra paid time off are some examples of rewards that employees will be determined to receive 
  • Experiential rewards – consistent good work deserves recognition, especially if an entire department or team is delivering this, so make sure to organise a team outing for them; individual awards could include spa days, sports game tickets
  • Free meals – your employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness when it comes to offering them meals at high-end restaurants at the company’s expense, or simply having their favourite food delivered to the office

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