How to Create Cloud Backup Easily [Full Guide]

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup refers to the process of sending a copy of your file or database from a local location to a secondary, remote location for protection in case of data loss. This type of backup can include data from both physical and virtual sources, and it is typically stored on a cloud storage platform operated by a third-party provider.

Cloud backup serves as an insurance policy against data loss, providing the means for businesses and individuals to recover important information quickly after accidental deletions, system failures, or disasters.

How to choose your best cloud backup solution:

Ease of useUser-friendly and compatible with your systems
FeaturesScheduled backups, incremental backup, file versioning, etc.
CostFree storage, storage plans, needed features, and so on.
SecurityEncryption for data at rest or in transit

All-Round Free Cloud Backup Services for Windows PCs

CBackup is an all-in-one free cloud backup service that can meet various cloud backup needs. It offers PC to cloud backup as well as cloud to cloud backup features. For cloud storage services, it supports CBackup Cloud, and public clouds including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Let’s see what useful backup features CBackup has:

  • Wide compatibility – Work well on all Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and XP.
  • Scheduled backup – Offer various automatic backup modes, such as daily backup, weekly backup, monthly backup, and specific time backup.
  • Incremental backup – Enable you to back up only changed or newly added data instead of creating full backups every time, saving backup space and time.
  • CBackup Cloud backup: Provide 10GB of free backup space for every account, and offer expandable storage plans at affordable prices.
  • Full backup – Support to backup files, folders, hard drives from PC to cloud, and perform cloud data backup from one cloud drive to another for cloud file transfer.

How Do I Create a Cloud Backup?

To use the CBackup cloud backup software to do cloud backups for your important files, folders, or hard drives, you can follow the simple guide below:

  • Download and run the CBackup desktop app on your computer.
  • Sign up for an account for CBackup on its website for free.

Option 1. Backup Data to CBackup Cloud

Run the CBackup desktop app, and then log in. Go to the Backup tab, select Backup PC to CBackup Cloud, then choose your local data, and click Start Backup to create cloud backup to CBackup Cloud.


Option 2. Backup Files to Google Drive/OneDrive/Dropbox

Step 1. Click on Storage on the left on the CBackup main page, select your target cloud drive, then add and authorize your cloud account to CBackup.

Step 2. Select the Backup PC to Public Cloud on the Backup page. Then, choose your source files and destination cloud to start the cloud backup easily.


Option 3. Backup Data from One Cloud to Another

To backup data across different cloud drives, add your source and destination cloud storage accounts to CBackup on the Storage tab. Then, click Backup > Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud, and pick your source cloud and destination cloud to start the cloud data transfer.

FAQs about Cloud Backups

#1. Can I back up my entire PC to the cloud?

Yes, you can backup your entire computer to cloud using the professional yet free cloud backup software CBackup. Also, you can use it to backup local disks and external hard drive.

#2. Is it better to backup to cloud or hard drive?

While there are multiple advantages for backing up data to cloud, like higher security, easier data access, and simpler data recovery, deciding whether to backup data to cloud or an external hard drive depends on your specific needs, including cost, data safety, and so on.

For example, external hard drives generally involve a one-time purchase, whereas cloud storage typically requires ongoing fees. For large data volumes, external drives might be more cost-effective.

#3. Which cloud storage is most used?

Nowadays, Google Drive is the most popular personal cloud storage service, significantly preferred by billions of users all over the world. OneDrive and Dropbox are also two other solutions with a large number of users.


Creating a cloud backup of your important files not only improves data security but also makes data access simpler. Relying on the reliable cloud backup service, CBackup, streamline your cloud backup process now.