How to Create Belgian-Inspired Interior Designs

Having your own place means you can start from scratch and make it your own. With so many decor ideas to choose from, though, this can be intimidating. If you’re looking for a unique style that’s clean and classy, a Belgian-inspired room is the way to go.

This look is one of the lesser-known interior design trends, but it’s one that has stood the test of time. Some extremely famous architects and designers have used the Belgian style in their work. They have created finished rooms that are regularly visited by tourists around the world.

The theme of a Belgian-inspired space is natural elegance. These two features might sound like they are opposites, but combine them, and the outcome is powerful. The mix of modern and rustic results in a cozy, soft living area.

Does that sound like exactly what you’re looking for? 

If so, these tips will help you design the perfect Belgian-inspired rooms in your home.

1. Pick a Neutral Color Scheme

The Belgian look is soft and classy. The colors you pick to create this style should be, too. 

Though pastels are soft, and some fall in the “elegant” category, those aren’t the colors to aim for. You need neutrals to nail this look, but they have to be warm and light hues.

Taupe, gray, and brown are good choices as your foundation shades. Don’t worry about these colors being plain. You can add pops of color as you accessorize. They won’t be pastels, but they’ll still be gorgeous!

2. Load Up on Texture

Layers and layers of texture are one of the key elements in Belgian decor. It’s how you can take colors that would otherwise be simple and plain and use them to create a stunning and luxurious room. 

Unlike a Bohemian room, you shouldn’t randomly place the texture you choose everywhere. Curtains, wall tapestries, and carpets are natural ways to add layers and character to a space.

But the eye naturally goes to the most prominent pieces in the room, which is usually the couch and loveseat. When you invest in furniture made of soft, earth-toned fabric, you set the stage for a solid Belgian-inspired decor style.

All the other texture elements in the room take a backseat to those big pieces. If you want to really make a statement, though, use a large area rug that sticks out slightly further than the couch. 

Make sure it’s a deep shade that pairs with neutrals. Dull red and navy stone are strong Belgian colors.

3. Bring in the Rustic

There are two ways to do rustic: 

  1. Country chic 
  2. Classic elegance

If you’re aiming for a Belgian look, you want the latter style.

Rustic features in a room can complement the soft colors and textures. Since you’re aiming for “complementing,” not overpowering, what you have, use these features sparingly. 

For instance, throw in some rustic-designed end tables or a fireplace. Remember that the furniture and accessories in the space should be as close to their natural state as possible.

Metal is another popular rustic element, but it also needs to be as unpolished as it can get. Burnished metals and others that have a matte finish are the preferred styles.

Strategically pulling in some rustic pieces is one of the essential steps in creating a Belgian look. This small change takes your room from minimalistic to sophisticated elegance.

4. Invest in Big, Cozy Furniture

As mentioned earlier, when you walk into a room decorated with a Belgian theme in mind, it should draw your eye to the furniture.

If you do this right, each piece’s soft fabric and earth tones or natural material act as a magnet to anyone who enters the space. The furniture isn’t there for show, though, like in some austere rooms.

The intent of this style is to create a comfortable atmosphere. You want people to see the furniture and feel welcomed. Couches, loveseats, and chairs are how we invite people to sit and stay awhile. 

The trick is to find furniture that doesn’t overwhelm the space or make a person afraid to go near it. One bad spill could ruin a perfect, expensive piece of upholstery!

You want a fabric that is breathable, livable, and comfortable. You want a couch that says, “Sit here and hang out with me.”

5. Accessorize With the Simple Touches

Without accessories, the warm, soft colors and big, comfy furniture can look bare and blah.

Sure, your guests can relax on the chairs, but what’s there to break up the monotony? 

The accessories are where you spruce the room up a bit. Throw pillows, a TV and some picture frames, and a coat rack work well in a living room. 

Stick to the natural materials and neutral color palette as much as you can. You can do this by using wicker and wood or plants. When you pick your colors, go with a few shades darker than the foundation hues you chose earlier.

You don’t need a lot. The goal is simple, clean elegance, not a cluttered space. 


There are so many ways to use interior decor to create a sophisticated and classy look, but the Belgian-inspired design is a fan fave. If you’re looking to create a powerful atmosphere with elegant ambiance, it’s the style you want.

Mixing modern with rustic layers and earth tones is all you need to know to put together your own Belgian-inspired home. These tips make it simple to turn a blah palette into sheer, polished beauty.

Author bio

Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Harvest at Fiddyment Ranch. With over five years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Harvest at Fiddyment Ranch a place everyone loves to call home.