How to create an awesome Instagram video about digital marketing

Creating compelling Instagram videos is one of the most effective Instagram marketing strategies. Instagram videos can be anywhere from 3 to 60 seconds long and can be uploaded directly from your phone or by transferring data from another source. This opens up a lot of possibilities for incorporating video content into your Instagram marketing strategy.

Because videos provide marketers with an easy and appealing way to sell and showcase their products, they are quickly becoming the most popular sort of content published on Instagram. In addition, Instagram Live is increasing popularity. However, as you may be aware, obtaining Instagram popularity is never as straightforward as simply sharing a video. In this guide, you will learn how to plan, shoot, and light your Instagram videos for a better final result, as well as more views and engagement. We will also go through some samples of various types of Instagram video footage you may use. You will want to start with a clear aim and well-developed plan with videos, as with all areas of your Instagram marketing efforts.

Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram users can now submit films that are as little as 3 seconds long and as long as 60 seconds long, with audio included. When it comes to interaction in today’s fast-paced digital media landscape, video is quickly becoming the most enticing format. You may download Instagram videos for free here. Furthermore, video postings receive more comments on average than static image uploads, indicating that they are more likely to go viral when users tag friends and other admirers in the comments.

Set clear goals

You should have your proper goal, because telling an engaging tale in one minute might be difficult, taking the time to organize and stage your video is crucial. Before you begin, consider what you want to achieve by sharing your film. Be as precise as possible. Your video’s tone and mood will be decided by your intended audience.

Tell a story

Make a video that tells a tale if you want to draw attention to your video. You do not have to construct a storyboard, but you should plan out your film to get the most of each second. To best manage your time, divide your story into three acts, or portions, beginning, middle, and end. Know how long each portion should take. Finally, keep in mind that Instagram videos are silent until the user activates the sound by tapping the video. As a result, using on-screen subtitles is beneficial.

Lighting your video

To make your subjects seem beautiful on television, you do not need a fully equipped professional lighting setup. You may improve the quality of your video by following some basic guidelines. These approaches are particularly helpful for “talking head” or portrait-style recordings, in which a single person addresses the camera directly from a fixed location. The use of overhead lighting can produce several unappealing aesthetic effects. Look for various sources of light and assist your subject is moving around until you locate a favorable light. If your current lighting arrangement is not doing your topic any favors, create better lighting settings. To soften the light, use a white poster board or paper as a reflector. You can also save money by blocking out undesirable light sources using black plastic.

Shooting your video

Choosing which camera to use is the first step in filming your video. We recommend using your smartphone’s camera or a DSLR camera instead of the camera function within the app because an Instagram camera limits your shooting possibilities. It is time to start shooting now that you have chosen your camera. If you are shooting with your phone, these Instagram best practices and suggestions will come in handy. In portrait or landscape mode, record your video. Instagram no longer trims videos into squares, so you can be sure that your full shot will fit into the Instagram frame no matter which way you position it. Keep the focus of the shot on your topic. You can focus your smartphone camera by touching the area of the screen that you want to be in focus. For example, tap on your subject’s face to preserve focus on her face, or tap to the left or right of her face to blur her face.

Choosing your content

To choose what type of material you should create, think about your company’s image, aesthetic, products, and the story you want to tell in your video. Then get down to business brainstorming. Make a list of as many ideas as you can about the topic and format that you believe will best express your story. Finally, make sure that the video content you generate is consistent with your brand’s tone and feel. The importance of consistency cannot be overstated. Here are some video content ideas to get you started Examine the list to determine which forms of content will best communicate your brand’s values and assist you in meeting your marketing objectives.

Product features

Video showcasing your product in motion is a great way to spark your followers’ attention and break up the monotony of staged images of your goods on a shelf or in a showroom. Consider the contrast between a stock photo of waterproof apparel and a video of a mountaineer scaling a cliff in the rain, as the social media agency in Egypt did.

Proper Content Series

For content that requires more than a minute of screen time, create a video series and divide it into 60-second segments or episodes. This is a fantastic approach to expand and engage your audience. They will keep coming back to your Instagram account to watch your tale unfold as they get used to seeing new videos.

Time-lapse videos

When capturing a scene with constant movement, time-lapse videos are very popular. Time-lapse videos can be recorded directly from the camera feature on an iPhone. Download Lapse It or Time-lapse on Android, which both record videos with a time-lapse effect.