How to create Affirmation Audios with your own text

Everyone knows about affirmations but it is 10 times more powerful when it is listened via affirmation audio. so that is where stimulatemind comes in place. with stimulatemind you can type your own text and all the text will be converted into affirmation audio with the background music and background images.So when you listen to this Affirmation audio daily before you sleep and as soon as you wake up all these messages will be recorded in your subconscious mind . show all the messages which has been recorded in our subconscious mind will start getting manifested so start converting your affirmation text into a permission audio using stimulate and start manifesting your goals. Also in stimulate there are hundreds of permission texts which have been created for you, so you can start Listening directly as well without typing anything.

There are different types of affirmations , some can be used for healing , some can be used for motivation , etc.Most of the stimulatemind users create affirmations to manifest the things they need in their life.some of the examples of manifestations are buying your dream home , buying your dream car , getting into your favour job.with stimulatemind there are 1000’s of premade affirmations for lots of goals like this.

Although affirmations can be proven true, he is more than that. Affirmations are specific statements that help you negate negative thoughts. They encourage you to visualize and believe the statement to make positive changes in life. A phrase that will change you to change your sub-thoughts. Later, he replaces any negative beliefs or thoughts with positive thinking. Builds confidence, determination and significance

Here are some benefits of using affirmations.

Reduces ideas. Even though many ideas are tools, positive affirmations allow us to be more aware of our thinking patterns and feelings. Reduces the risk of allowing negative thinking patterns to form.

Increase happiness Acknowledging and affirming the things that block happiness gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with the things you love in your life.

Considering things. Let’s take a little bit of the small stuff. Using affirmations helps you remember how important the little things are. For example, if you’re healthy you might appreciate it, but if you use an affirmation like “I’m healthy,” you can focus on it and praise it.

Cardiovascular health. Affirmations keep your positive state. A recent study suggests that aspiration reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular events.

Below is the sample affirmations.
I believe, believe and believe in myself.
I eat well, exercise regularly and enjoy good health.
I learn from mistakes.
I knew I had not reached my heart.
I forgive myself for being perfect because I know that I am human.
I agree irrevocably.
Thoughts I have control over thoughts, feelings, and choices.
Treat others with respect and appreciate his personality.

So thats all for this article , you guys can sing up at and start achieving your goals and start manifesting the things you need in your life .

Thank you.

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