Digital Business Cards: A Simple Way to Present Yourself

Digital business cards provide a convenient way to share contact information with others. They are perfect for those looking for an affordable alternative to traditional business cards, as well as individuals who want the convenience of sharing their information on the go or expanding their digital presence. To learn more about how to create an electronic business card, read this blog post!

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card (also known as virtual or electronic) is an online means of sharing contact information. Digital cards can be created on smartphones, tablets, and computers from any web browser. Whilst more affordable than their paper counterparts, they still allow for the same degree of customization at a markedly lower cost with extra space to include personal details including company/organization, email address, and website.

How do you create a digital business card?

A digital business card can be created in any browser-based app like or software on your mobile device (smartphone/iPad) with the following steps:

Step one: Upload some photos of yourself to use as your avatar image for this new electronic

Step two: Customize your card with the information you want to share, such as your name, company/organization (if applicable), email address, and website URL. You can also add contact info for any social networks or additional links that are relevant to your career or industry like a LinkedIn profile page, additional websites, and more.

Step three: Share your digital business card with anyone you’d like to by printing it out on paper or emailing them a PDF of the card. You can also send an e-card straight from the app if you don’t want to print anything off!

Tip: Once created, digital business cards can be accessed anytime and anywhere from your computer or mobile device.

How do digital business cards work?

There are many digital business card apps on the market, and you will need to find one that is best for your needs. Our recommendation is which is a free app with features including making multiple customized digital cards with contact information for different purposes, scanning physical business cards and converting them into their digital counterpart seamlessly, as well as being able to share your digital card with anyone!

Making a digital business card is easy and affordable. Visit ebusinesscard. app for more information and download their app today.

A digital business card is a great way to show potential clients who you are and what your company does. It also provides them with the information they need to contact you or find out more about your products and services. Creating an effective one will take some time but can be done for free using sites like If you don’t have any experience designing websites, then we recommend that you hire someone who does as it’s important that this project has high customer satisfaction rates so people continue coming back to visit your site again and again!