How to Create a Customer Experience Design That Works

No matter what industry you are in, you’ve probably seen an uptick in competition. Online software applications have made it easier than ever to start a business. With a website and the right apps, businesses can operate like a fully functional brick and mortar establishment.

Minus the costly overhead of requiring multiple employees and the expenses associated with having a staff. Even if your business requires a team or even a physical location, you’ll need to set yourself apart from similar businesses.

One way to do this is via customer experience design. With this technique, you’ll create a strategy that focuses on the customer and how they interact with your brand.

Keep reading to learn how to create a customer experience that keeps consumers coming back.

Understanding Customer Experience Design

Creating customer design experience or CX as it’s also known, is not a new concept. Every business owner understands that without clients their doors will close. What’s unique about this practice is the level of engagement taking place online.

Insights and analytical data gained from websites, social networking, and other online presence, give business owners a better look at their target audience. Through this data, they are able to improve how their products and services are marketed.

The overall goal is to create a personal experience for each customer. 

How it Differs from User Experience

Customer Experience differs from the user experience (UX) in that CX is focused on the individual, whereas UX is about your website and mobile application. 

The two work together because once the customer reaches your website it has to be functional and easy to navigate. In some ways, UX is a part of CX.

For example, when the customer as made their selections on an online store, the checkout process needs to secure and quick. If some reason the customer can’t complete the transaction there should be a chat feature to get assistance. The next step is to save the customer’s shopping cart so they don’t lose their items.

Another integration is encouraging site visitors to share their contact information. This way you can send offers on items they’ve viewed online. It is also a way to market to them based on their browsing activity.

Must Haves

Creating ways to enhance customer experience comes with some must-haves. Here are a few.


The customer needs to know you exist. Branding is critical.

Site FAQ

The best-designed website isn’t always perfect. Even if you think your information is clear and the site easy to navigate, at FAQ page is as important as the About page.

Touch Points

No matter which page the customer is on, information speaks to their needs. This includes chatbots on every page.

Get Ready to Boost Your CX

Focusing on customer experience design is a big component to a successful business. Embarking on this journey shows your level of commitment to being an entrepreneur and pulling ahead of the competition.

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