How To Cool Your Swimming Pool During Summers?

A dip in the swimming pool is the coolest way to rejuvenate yourself during the scorching summers. But what if your swimming water has outshined the word ‘cool’ and now feels like a boiling bathtub?


Don’t worry!

Herein, we are suggesting 5 ways to keep your swimming pool cool and refreshing during summers:


1.   Cover when not in use

When not in use,  cover your pool to prevent the water from getting hotter.


Use a pool cover or pool enclosure  to limit the continual temperature rise due to the intense exposure to the sun. On top of that, follow the golden rule of thumb: cover the pool during the day and uncover at night.


It also safeguards your pool from various elements including debris, animals, sun rays, etc.


2. Invest in evaporative pool chiller

Evaporative pool chillers are one of the affordable ways to lower the temperature of the pool through evaporation. It pulls out excess heat from the pool and leaves you with refreshing water.


Swimming pool chillers are available in a variety of sizes and price points, so consider the option that fits your pool and budget.


These coolers also help you save on various pool chemicals. With cool water, the usage of pool chemicals declines, making your pool inexpensive to maintain all year round.


3. Install pool aerator

A pool aerator is a fixture that screws onto the pool return line and sprays a water fountain into the swimming pool through the pump. The pool water cools down due to the oxygen from the water droplets that are being sprinkled through the air.

This phenomenon lowers the temperature of the pool by a few degrees, creating a big difference during the warmer days.


To activate your aerator, your pool equipment must have a valve that needs to be opened.


4. Run pool filter at night

Running a pool filter at night is the smartest hack to cool off your swimming pool. At night, the temperature of the air is low, so a pool filter will ease the process of evaporation making your pool a bit more cooler and refreshing for the morning swim.

This especially works for pool owners living in hot climates.

5. Use a reverse cycle heat pump

The reverse cycle heat pump doubles as a cooler during summers and a heater during winters. The heat pump comes with an additional cooling feature or reversal switch to cool off the water even in midsummer heat.


The reversible heat pump is worth the investment and extends your pool season far longer.

In the end…

Following even one of these tips will give you relief during summers and will make your swimming pool a true oasis in the heat.


Now get some drinks, call your friends and enjoy your cool swimming party.


Enjoy Swimming!