How to Cook on a Campfire: 5 Useful Tips to Ensure a Wickedly Delicious Meal

When you are headed out for a camping trip, food options are going to be limited. This is why campfire cooking is a sure-fire way to ensure everyone has delicious and hot food!

Although, perhaps you aren’t fully confident with campfire cooking. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will give you 5 useful tips on how to cook on a campfire. So don’t rely on ration packs and sugary snacks, read this article and get creative with your campfire cooking!

1. Build Your Fire Properly

Any campfire is only as good as its construction. Your campfire should be placed in a pre-dug pit and sheltered from any strong winds. It should also be safely away from any tents, electrical equipment, or any power lines.

Use small kindling such as twigs and newspaper alongside larger items such as wood and logs.

2. Take the Time to Lay Your Fire Correctly

A decent campfire can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to get going. Start by layering your tinder and lighting it, then you will want to gradually build in larger items in a vertical cone formation.

You are aiming for the firewood to be added in slowly and catching alight from the kindling. When the larger items are white-hot and in the shape of coals, this is when the fire is ready to be used.

3. Choose Your Campfire Recipes

Once you have your campfire piping hot, the choices you have for your dinner are endless! You can grill delicious steaks on your campfire or even roast stews or slow-baked beans.

Or perhaps you are incorporating a camping and fishing trip in one? What about cooking up your catches for the day on the campfire? Check out some inventive ways to cook catfish by clicking the link. You should enjoy the fruits of your labor, fresh from the lake and straight onto your plate!

4. Do Your Food Preparation Beforehand

If you know what you are cooking on your campfire, make sure to do all the work before you go camping.

You will have limited preparation space when camping to chop and peel any vegetables or accompaniments so do this at home before you travel. You can prepare all your vegetables and place them in storage tubs, all ready for you to cook with.

It also means you don’t need to detract your attention from building and maintaining your fire.

5. Don’t Cook Over a Naked Flame

This is the cardinal sin of campfire cooking and so many people are guilty of it. To get the best-tasting food you must wait until the flames have died down and the coals are white-hot.

If you cook over a naked flame, the chances are you will burn your food and the taste will be unpleasant to match. A bit of patience is required to make an effective campfire, don’t rush the job or the process!

How to Cook on a Campfire: What Next?

We hope this article on the 5 tips on how to cook on a campfire has tickled your tastebuds for outdoor cooking!

The great thing about campfire cooking is the shared experience of eating delicious food outdoors and feeling close to nature. It can be a relaxing and therapeutic experience for those who want to escape the grind of daily life.

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