How to Convert OLM Files into MBOX on Mac- Best Methods?

Many users convert OLM files into MBOX just to switch to a different email client or operating system. It may seem a complicated task because of a lack of proper guidance, but there are a few simple methods that you can use to make the conversion. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective ways to convert Mac Outlook OLM files to MBOX. Before going with the solutions, let us understand some of the core reasons leading this conversion process.

What are the Reasons to Convert OLM Files into MBOX?

There are several reasons why a user wants to convert OLM to MBOX:

  • OLM files are only compatible with MS Outlook for macOS.
  • Converting the data to MBOX makes it easy to manage and share with other users.
  • MBOX files are a more space-efficient way to store your email data.
  • Converting OLM files to MBOX format can serve as a backup solution.
  • MBOX files can be encrypted, protecting your email data from unauthorized access.

These reasons take us toward the solution part to export Mac Outlook data to MBOX, let’s find the quick solutions in the given section.

How to Export Outlook to MBOX for Mac?

There are two ways to execute this conversion process, manual and professional. Firstly we will go through the manual solution to accomplish this task and thereafter we will use a professional OLM Converter for Mac to complete the process.

Manual Solution to Convert OLM Files into MBOX:

Following are the manual steps to turn the OLM file into MBOX format without any hassle. This process will take place in two major parts, go through both parts to get a better understanding of both the solutions.

Part 1: Import OLM Files into Mac Outlook

  1. Open MS Outlook on your Mac operating system.
  2. Tap the Tools menu at the top bar of Outlook.
  3. Now, click Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm) option and click Next.
  4. After that browse to the location of the OLM file, select it, and click on the Import button.

Part 2: Convert OLM to MBOX using Drag and Drop

  1. Select the mailbox of the imported OLM file in mac outlook.
  2. Drag and leave the mailbox on your Mac desktop.
  3. The moment you will leave the mailbox on your desktop. It will create an MBOX file.
  4. Finally, you can access the OLM file data in MBOX format.

The above process may seem easy to implement but has some major drawbacks, listed in the below section.

What are the Restrictions of the Manual Approach?

While performing the above process using a manual solution you may face the following difficulties:

  • The process of manually converting OLM files to MBOX requires technical expertise.
  • The manual conversion process can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large number of OLM files to convert.
  • There is a high risk of data loss during the manual conversion process.
  • The manual conversion process may not convert all OLM files to MBOX, leading to incomplete data transfer and potential data loss.

The manual solution is a complex choice to make, instead, a user can go with a professional solution to convert Mac Outlook OLM files to MBOX. To do that, move ahead toward the further part of this blog.

Professional Solution to Convert OLM Files into MBOX:

MacSonik OLM Converter is the most viable option to save the OLM data into MBOX file format. This one-stop utility provides 100% effective and efficient conversion results in no time. It maintains the original folder hierarchy of the data and provides risk-free results.

How to Start Converting OLM Files to MBOX?

  1. Download the OLM Converter for Mac on your system.
  2. Now, open the tool and add the required OLM files.
  3. Tick the folders that you want to save as MBOX.
  4. In this panel, simply choose MBOX as the saving option.
  5. Lastly, click Convert to export Mac Outlook data to MBOX.

It is the most reliable solution and can perform batch email conversion without any single data management. You can also convert OLM to CSV, PST, PDF, EML, and many more file formats.


There are several methods to convert OLM files into MBOX, it is important to choose the best method that suits your needs. Manual solutions require some technical expertise and can be time-consuming, while the automated solution is user-friendly and provide enhanced conversion results without worrying about any data loss.