How to Control LED Strip Lights with Alexa

We are becoming smarter every single day due to our daily interaction with electronic devices, bringing us closer to a world where voice assistants and household items enhance our daily lives. 

With new and innovative technologies, you can make a house or objects inside it more intelligent through home automation. A part of a domestic home is certainly something we all wish to experience, even though we don’t all need one.

There are a lot of voice assistants out there now, whether they are built into a dedicated device or in a smartphone, but Alexa is one of the most popular ones. In the following lines, we will discuss the feature that Amazon has developed and disseminated. In fact, today we will talk about how to connect LED lights to Alexa 

So, How to Connect the LED Strips Lights using Alexa Device?

The importance of smart LED strips must be underlined before we proceed with the tutorial on connecting LED lights to Alexa. Apart from their differences in type and consumption, they must also be Alexa-compliant and compatible for the two systems to work together effectively. 

You can go to the Darkless LED Site to and check out your desired LED Strip Lights. B ut one thing you have to confirm by reading the description that. It is compatible with the Alexa Device. 

To be able to adapt this guide to your specific needs, we recommend that you completely read our article to properly understand the steps.

Check the Compatibility of your LED Strips

LED lights can be connected to the voice assistant very easily, but you should be aware of some preliminary information so you do not have any unpleasant surprises.

You may also need a smart switch or plug in addition to compatible led lights. According to the related article, if you purchase smart bulbs directly, you will save money on sockets and switches, but keep in mind that only one of these three items is required for the connection to begin.

You can check out Amazon to buy the Scokets and Switches. You can get these things to connect with LED Strips: This Smart WiFi Mini Socket is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, has an energy monitor, a smart plug that is controlled by a smartphone app and has a family sharing feature. It comes in white and has two pieces. You can check all these things on Amazon. 

And to get quality LED Strips you can check out the Darkless LED. They’re one of the Leading LED LIghts Manufacturer and they have a wide range of LED LIghts.

Download the Latest Company App for LED Strips and Alexa Compatibility:

The led strip should be connected to the smart controller, and then the latter should then be connected to the electrical outlet. Install on your smartphone the official app of the company that made the controller. If you do not already have a profile, create one and then click (+) to select All devices. It is now just a matter of selecting Lighting devices and configuring the led strips as previously shown.

Connect the smart controller, not the led strip, in the Alexa app. You can search for it by opening Alexa, tapping on Devices, at the bottom right, and then tap the (+) button on top. Then tap Add device. The Amazon Alexa app will find the device once you select Other and tap the Find devices button.

How to control the LEDs with Alexa:

To connect Alexa with led lights, the next step is to control the lights themselves. Even though it is more challenging to say than to do, let’s find out how to do it.

Alexa can control lights once you have configured the sockets, switches, and lights. With the Amazon Echo, you can do this by saying “Alexa, turn on the lights (adding the name you gave them).

The Amazon Alexa app for mobile devices is an alternative to Amazon Echo. After checking that you are on the same Wi-Fi network, activate the voice assistant and say the above phrase to turn on the lights.

You can try some of these commands after connecting the Alexa:

  • Alexa, turn the lights on / off of drawing room
  • Alexa, turn on the red light in bed room


In the Moder Era of 2022, our home lives are become more easy and well maintained thanks to technological advancements and improved quality of life. The role of lighting in our lives goes beyond just lighting. It also makes our life more convenient and interesting by providing us with different scenarios to choose from. Hope you enjoy the article and bu following our above steps you can control your LED Strips Lights with Alexa. Hope you enjoy the article. Please don’t forget to share with your love ones.