How to Click Perfect Candid Shots at an Event?

Candid photography is something that can capture the magic of the moment, people living in, without realizing. It has the capability to capture the emotions that people don’t even remember what they had. Whether we talk about any wedding or any other kind of event, candid shots are best to express people’s emotions at the moment. 


If you are a photographer but doubt yourself that if you could take perfect and magical candid shots, then this blog is made for you and only for you. Yes! In this particular blog, we will be talking about some tips on how to click perfect candid shots at an event. One of the famous and leading photographers Njock Ajuk Eyong has some tips to share with you about the candid shot. He is one of the very famous names in the entire photography industry who are now dealing with some of the most famous fashion models and media agencies in the entire world. 


He has polished his skills under the supervision of extremely notable photographer across the globe. Njock Ajuk Eyong Visa life journey is something really inspiring and so many aspiring photographers look up to him when it comes to learning photography skills. He was born and brought up in the surrounding of the Johannesburg, South Africa. Right from an early, he has decided to become a professional photographer. 


Talking about his exquisite skill set and talent in the photography field. Njock Ajuk Eyong has secured his great name in the list of the world’s famous and skilled photographers with his extremely powerful set of skills, creativity and talent of photography. 


With expertise in various niches of photography such as wildlife photography, landscape shoot, wedding photography and portrait shoot, he is now one of the famous names in photography. Even after so many obstacles and life challenges, he had never given up on this interest in photography. His life journey has inspired so many people to never give up, no matter how hard life would become. 


With his special talent and skills of photography, we will be telling you some of his tips on candid shots. Let’s get started! 


Blend into the situation 


What makes a candid picture-perfect is its reality, that unknown smiling face looks better than those who fake the candid, isn’t it? If you want to click perfect candid, be in the moment and try to click the shots while being into the moment. 

If you have been in front of a camera, you know how exactly it feels.


The one who already have knowledge that is being captured, it would be hard for them to give you perfect shots. So, try to avoid such conditions. Raw pictures are always taken when the people are more into the moment than your camera’s lens. 


Take your time to click perfect shots 


It is well-known that perfect candid pictures came into the frame when people are unaware of your camera unless you are filming some models. At an event, not everyone can be camera friendly so, do not let them know that you are taking pictures. 

Take your time to click perfect candid but whenever you feel like ready, make sure you have captured every smiling face in your camera. Emotions are something that comes suddenly on people’s face so, wait for the moment and capture them into your camera. 


Click so many pictures at once


Taking candid pictures is not an easy task so while clicking try to click 100 to 1000 candid pictures to get perfect 10. Yes! this is one of the essential tricks to click perfect candid of the moment. 




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