How To Clear Your New Zealand Immigration Interview?

Have you been trying to get yourself to New Zealand for study or work purposes? I that is the case you would require a New Zealand visa and need to clear the immigration interview. There are several ways to prepare yourself for post-study work visa New Zealand, but it all comes down to the immigration interview.

 This is one of the most important interviews you will be attending, so never take it for granted. And it is best practice to keep yourself honest here. You don’t want to hack yourself way out of this one.  

Never go for an immigration interview unprepared. To help you avoid something like that from happening, here are some tips that will help you prepare and clear your immigration interview.

Be Punctual

When going to attend the interview, you should always be on time. Similar to any other type of interviewer, immigration officers also require the candidates to be on time as there are many others, and waiting for one would only waste their time.

Lots of times when a candidate is late, there are chances that their application might get rejected. To avoid this always keep yourself punctual. It’s a good practice to come about half an hour early to the interview venue.

When attending such interviews, make sure you don’t have any suspicious items with you, since these are strict interviews and you don’t want to mess up your chance due to forgetting a mere match or lighter in your pocket.

Your Attorney

Sometimes, the immigration officer might ask you to attend the interview even in the absence of your attorney. They might ask you to sign a form that states you are fine with the interview without your attorney.

In general, you would always want to attend the interview with your attorney. There are chances that the immigration officer might tamper with all your documents in the absence of the attorney.

Formal Attire

When preparing for the interview, it’s important that you dress for the interview in your formal attire. Keep your dress clean and ironed and your shoes well-polished. Immigration officers often tend to judge people by their appearance and the dress they are wearing. Dressing well and impressive might increase your chances of being selected.

Appropriate Responses

Be patient and answer appropriately to the questions asked. Even though you may understand what the question is, do not interrupt the immigration officer and wait for them to finish their question. Give specific, direct, and logical answers for the specific questions that they ask you. Make sure to keep all your answers definitive and completely avoid guesswork.

Never make up your answers just to impress the officer. Your immigrant attorney might have already prepared you for all the potential questions that might be asked and protect your rights through the interview process. Hence, answer politely and confidently.

Original Documents

Even though you have already submitted a copy of all the documents that are required, it’s a good practice to bring along all the original documents with you in case the officer needs to cross-check any information.

Make sure you have all the documents that you submitted while filling the form, you don’t want to delay your chance simply because you forgot to bring them.


If English is not your first language, then you should bring along an interpreter who will help you understand and interpret things in your native language. Besides that, you can also take help from Christchurch immigration lawyers that will help advise you for matters related to citizenship, visas, and immigration.