How to Clean Your Office Bathroom

If you own a small business, chances are that many of the custodial duties fall to you including cleaning your office bathroom. You, your employees, and any customers or other guests that visit you all deserve a clean, fresh bathroom. Follow these steps to keep your office restrooms clean and healthy.

  1. Get Your Gear On. Don’t do this job without wearing disposable gloves. 
  2. Remember These Rules. Work from top to bottom, wet to dry, and from inside to outside. Once you do this a few times, you’ll get the routine. 
  3. Clean. One of your primary goals is to disinfect the bathroom and kill germs and bacteria that cause unpleasant odors and disease. Before you can do that, you have to remove any visible debris or messes. Use a multi use cleaner to wipe down surfaces to remove dirt and anything else that might be there. 
  4. Disinfect. Once your surfaces are “clean”, it’s time to disinfect them. Cleaning isn’t the same as disinfecting; cleaning removes debris while disinfecting kills bacteria using a product that is certified by the EPA to get the job done. These disinfectants only work on otherwise clean surfaces. Disinfectants come with specific directions from the manufacturer about how long they need to remain “wet;” the wet dwell time is the time the product needs to sit on the surface in order to kill harmful bacteria. Read the product label carefully and follow the directions; if you wipe off the product too soon, it won’t have the desired effect. 

Spray toilets, sinks, counters, door handles, urinals, soap dispensers, paper towels dispensers, and any other high-touch surfaces with disinfectant. Do not wipe the product off; allow it to sit wet. Doing this early in the process allows the product time to work while you move onto other cleaning tasks.

  1. Clean the Toilet Bowl. Flush the toilet and apply a bowl cleaner. After allowing the product to sit for the recommended time, use a bowl brush to scrub the bowl, making sure to get up underneath the rim.
  2. Dust. Working from top to bottom, remove dust from all surfaces. As a last step, sweep and dust the floor from the innermost corner out to the door. 
  3. Empty and Refill. Refill toilet paper, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers. Empty trash bins, sanitary product binds, and sharps containers. Wipe them down with a cleaner and then spray with disinfectant, allow to air dry, and replace the liners 
  4. Wipe down Stalls and Walls.
  5. Clean Glass. Use glass cleaner to clean the mirrors.
  6. Polish. Use a clean, dry cloth to dry and polish all metal surfaces that were sprayed with disinfectant way back in step 4. 
  7. Final Disinfecting Step. Return to the treated high-touch areas. By now, the product should be mostly dry. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down each surface, working from top to bottom. 
  8. Mop. Wet mop the floor using a cleaning/disinfecting product. 
  9. Clean up the Cleaning Tools. Once the bathroom is clean, take a moment to clean up your cleaning tools. Disinfect them as needed and make sure they’re ready for use the next time. 
Wrapping Up

Consistently following this cleaning routine will keep your bathroom safe and healthy and looking and smelling its best. Using the right products is critical. Work with your general office supplies partner to set up and maintain a well-stocked cleaning closet that contains disposable gloves, multipurpose cleaner, glass cleaner, disinfectants, rags, dusters, and mops. Update your clean bathroom routine today.

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