How to Clean Your Gun with Our Gun Cleaning Kit

Today, we share a basic overview of what gun cleaneryou will need and do during a typical cleaning.

How To Start?

Take your firearm and gun cleaning kit to a well-lit and ventilated room. It is also good to choose a place with good lighting, and we would recommend placing the newspaper, a tarp, or some other plastic sheet to protect the surface on which you will clean. Additionally, make sure to choose the best gun cleaning kit.

Let’s Open Up Your Gun Cleaning Kit And Begin:

  • Unload your weapon, remove the magazine, and make sure there is nothing in the chamber. Always follow the gun safety rules. Disassemble your weapon as recommended by the manufacturer; Consult your gun’s owner’s manual to assess how far you should disassemble the gun for proper cleaning.
  • Apply a gun cleanersolutionto the inside of the barrel with a cleaning stick fitted with a cleaning patch. Insert the rod through the back of the block and push. Do not go through the front of the barrel, as this can cause damage.
  • Push the bar in fully and repeat this process as many times as necessary. Remember to push the rod in all the way and not to pull it back through the barrel.
  • Pass the piercing brush through the barrel in the same way to loosen any excess scale.
  • Make a few final passes with the solvent cleaning stick. Repeat until the patches go through the barrel without collecting any residue.
  • Use dry patches to remove any remaining solvent until the barrel is dry.
  • Make sure to get all the excess solvent as it can cause corrosion if left in the chamber.
  • After cleaning the barrel, the next step is to clean and lubricate. Again, use a cleaning brush soaked in the solution to remove any dirt. Be thorough during this process, and don’t miss any hard-to-reach spaces. Having a range of different-sized brushes and tools in your gun cleaning kit can come in handy here.
  • Dry the stock, and be sure to remove all solvent residues. Then apply oil through the various components.
  • Reassemble the firearm and clean the exterior of the firearm with solvent and the gun cleaning cloth provided in your kit (soft clothing can work too. Anything that won’t scratch).

Tips On Gun Cleaning

Once the season is over, it is convenient to keep our weapons, shotguns, or rifles in perfect condition to use them again when we need them.

  • If we have a minimum knowledge of our weapon, it will be enough to have a cotton cloth that does not mean lint luck, a ramrod to clean the inside of the barrel, solvent to remove rust remains of gunpowder, etc., oil to lubricate and oil for woods.
  • We will disassemble the fundamental parts of the weapon, be it the rifled shotgun, and as far as we can handle it without complications and then reassemble it correctly.
  • If we have some rust due to sweat on our hands or due to inclement weather, it is convenient to smear the entire oxidized area with solvent to remove it, leaving it a reasonable time for the product to act.
  • Also, in areas with dirt and remains of gunpowder or gases, we must spray the solvent inside and outside the barrels, gas intake pistons, firing group, etc. We will use a small brush to remove the dirt and put it on the drain.
  • Later, we removed said solvent with a dry cloth, trying to leave it as clean as possible in all areas of the weapon.
  • To clean the internal barrel, we must first use the ramrod with the copper bristle swab, giving it several passes to remove traces of lead and brass. Then we will pass a ragged brush to dry the remaining impurities well.
  • And finally, we will pass another swab of cloth or wool slightly lubricated for its conservation.

On the other hand, if you want a more professional cleaning, use the best gun cleaning kit you trust.