How To Clean Your Car Tyres At Home?

A fun car ride along the beach or on a rainy evening is a blessing. Isn’t it? But what about the strong car tyres that rotate through all the dust and mud? Well, you can take your car to a garage and have it cleaned, but sometimes, frequent visits to the garage might become economically exhausting.

There’s an easy way to clean the car tyres at your home using minimalistic tools and water. Washing your car tyres may need a reasonable amount of time when you are not an expert. Sometimes, it’s also a fun process. Car tyres can be cleaned following a simple 5 step process. 

Assemble Before You Begin

Before you begin with the cleaning process of your Bridgestone Tyres Rotherham, ensure the following:

  1. Park your car in a clean area and possibly near a water source.
  2. Take a clean bucket, a water pipe, a hard and a soft cleaning brush, detergent or any other cleaning agent.
  3. A dry microfiber cloth.
  4. A wax protectant for polishing the tyre.
  5. A tyre dressing spray (optional).
  6. Tools and equipment in case you want to take out the wheel and clean it.

Step One: Rinse the Tyre.

You must use a water pipe to rinse the tyre initially. Applying a high-pressure water jet movement, try to get rid of as much dirt as possible. This initial cleaning of the crusted dirt will make the process less exhausting.

Apply water from different angles to make sure that dirt from all the side is rinsed off. It is suggested to complete this initial process for all the tires at once. 

Step Two- Thorough Cleaning Of The Tyre

After excluding surface dirt from the tyres, it is time to clean them properly using an adequate cleaning agent. You may prefer to use mild detergent and lukewarm water for better cleaning. Use a stiff and a brush to clean the tyres.

Prepare a liquid mixture of detergent/any cleaning agent and water in a large bucket or container. Soak the brush in the cleaning formula and rub the tires. Make sure to clean the tyres from both sides.

Step Three- Clean The Wheel.

The wheel of the tyre must be cleaned using a soft brush and cleaning agent. You can also opt to take out the wheel and clean it, but it might become a tiring process. Gently scrub the inner and outer region of the wheel and rinse.

If you choose to take out the wheel to clean it, make sure to fix it back after it’s dry and lubricated.

Step Four- Dry The Tyre And Wheel

After the cleaning process using water, it is time to dry the tyre and the wheel. Letting the tyre dry under natural air is not advised because it eventually leads to dust particle settlement on the clean tyre again.

Use a microfiber cloth such as a towel to dry the tyres and the wheel. Let the cloth soak in as much water as it can. Do not rub the cloth on the tyre but let it absorb water.

Step Five- Wax The Tyre And Wheel

After complete drying of the tyres and wheels, apply wax. It is an essential process that protects the tyres from junking with dust very quickly. The wax can be bought from any garage or automobile maintenance shop.

Use the wax pad that comes with the wax protectant and gently apply it all over the tyres. Polish it gently and remove any excess wax from the Tyres Rotherham. After the waxing, you can use a tyre dressing that comes as a spray for an extra layer of protection.