How to Clean Smelly Drains?

Many homeowners realize that their drains require attention only when something goes wrong. When they encounter an unpleasant event that is a clogged drain or a smelly drain, they realize that there’s a plumbing problem they need to address. 

Sinks, kitchen drains, and shower drains require regular cleaning to avoid getting smelly. Placing potpourri and scented candles can cover up drain smells, but that is a temporary solution. If you want to identify the root cause and fully eliminate odors, you need professional services for drain cleaning Sacramento. Taking the right steps to clean drains and adhering to a regular maintenance routine can avoid smelly drains. 

In this blog, we provide information about what causes a clog or smell in different drains of your home. 

Bathroom Sink

There are some possible causes of smell in your bathroom sink. Fortunately, you can clean a smelly drain in a bathroom sink with the right tools. 

Your bathroom sink must have a P-trap for cleaning and eliminating smelly drains easily. A P-trap is the curved portion of the pipe below the sink. Its purpose is to create a seal by holding water and not letting sewer gases enter the bathroom. 

If there is a problem with the functioning of the P-trap, sewer gasses make their way into the bathroom and make your sink stink.

Additionally, your sink must have a vent that allows backflowing gases to release somewhere. If the cause of a sewer smell in your bathroom sink is a blocked air vent, you need to look for professional plumbing Sacramento CA.

The smell can also come from the water flowing from your sink instead of the drain. If that is the case, there are chances of something in the faucet. Remove the aerator cap and check for any gunk or buildup that needs cleaning. The severity of the smell from the drain depends on how regularly you perform drain cleaning. The unpleasant smell can also result from water stagnant in your overflow drain. You must clean your sink regularly and use drain cleaners to prevent smelly drains. 

Bathtub and Shower Drains

Various reasons can cause your bathtub or shower drains to smell. How you should clean the smelly drain depends on why and how much it smells.

If odor-causing bacteria are feeding on debris in your pipes, you will have rotten eggs or a sewage-like smell. Besides, mold growth is common in wet and warm environments. Mold buildup on the debris leading to a drain clog can also give out a bad smell. You must clean your drains regularly to stay away from drain issues like mold and smelly odors. 

Sometimes the hot water from your shower begins to smell. Tank water heaters consist of a protective component known as a sacrificial anode rod. Due to the corrosion of these rods, the metal reacts with the sulfates in the water, making the sulfate stinky hydrogen sulfide. If this is the case, you must invest in services for water heater repair Sacramento.

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