How to Clean Laptop Screen?

Your laptop screen is not only a vital door to the online world but also a magnet for all kinds of dust particles and debris that comes from our everyday routine while using our laptop. It is the favorite place for invisible microbes and bacteria, too, with the recent coronavirus epidemic. It has been founded through different researches that the virus can survive on certain surfaces for many days, so it is more essential than ever to clean your laptop screen properly and regularly.

The screens of laptops get dirty in various ways during our regular use, and we often ponder how to clean laptop screen. It requires regular cleaning because while using your laptop, it remains open for a lot of time and during this, a layer of dust sits on the screen, and it gets smudged when the screen is closed or touched continuously. Moreover, you will find your fingertips on your laptop screen if you have an affordable gaming laptops with a touchscreen. So it is very important to clean your laptop screen regularly because, through this cleaning, you can get rid of all the smudges and dirt. This cleaning will not only help your laptop to maintain its newness but also maintain the screen’s vivid color definition. Here are some tips that you can use to clean your laptop screen without any worry of damaging the screen.

By Using a Microfiber Cloth

The people who use cameras or wear glasses are well aware of microfiber clothes. A type of cloth specially made for cleaning delicate surfaces is used in making microfiber clothes because an ordinary cloth can damage the glass of a screen or anything else. These microfiber clothes are designed only to clean the dust and debris from the glass surface without damaging them or leaving any mark on the screen of eyeglasses, camera lenses of screens like laptop or TV. So only because of this, microfiber clothes are the best choice when it comes to cleaning the screen of your laptop.

Also, make sure to check the screen type of your laptop before cleaning because if you choose a shiny screen, you have to clean it more carefully then a dimmer screen. If you use any other piece of cloth for this purpose, then this is not a good idea because it further dirties the screen by leaving its spots on the screen. So you should never use a tissue paper or towel to clean your laptop screen because it will even further scratch your laptop screen.

To start the cleaning process, get a microfiber cloth that is only made for cleaning the screens and lenses. Turn your laptop off because, on a black screen, you can easily spot dust and other dirty spots. Make sure to remove the electricity supply before cleaning any of the electronic gadgets. Press the cloth slightly to remove dust from the screen and move it from one direction to another because circle wiping can damage the laptop screen. Also, keep in mind that dust glued to the screen often due to static energy to wipe it straight to do a better cleaning of your laptop screen. Continue this cleaning process until you get rid of all the dust and debris from your laptop screen.

Use a Sponge to remove grime

Other than dust and debris, there are chances that your laptop screen can also have dirt and grime on it. And you cannot remove grime by using a microfiber cloth because these clothes are not made for removing grime from screens. The best way to remove grime from your laptop screen is by using a sponge.

Get a new sponge that is often used in household activities. After getting a sponge, make it deionized or distilled in water. Also, remember to use filtered water because using regular tap water can leave marks on your laptop screen, which will waste your cleaning efforts. Power off your laptop before starting your cleaning. If your laptop is connected to a direct power supply, remove it, and if it is possible, remove its battery. Now wet the sponge with distilled water and wring it well because dripping water can be very harmful to your laptop’s screen. Spot the dirty areas and gently press and wipe them to clean them. When you complete the cleaning process, and there is not any grime on the laptop screen, then wait until it dries thoroughly before using it for any work.

Using bottled glass cleaners

You can use a bottled cleaner if the above two methods do not work and unable to clean the screen properly. You can find a verity of screen cleaning solutions in the market according to your needs and requirements. If you are going to use a bottled cleaner, make it sure to choose the right and suitable cleaner for your laptop screen. Although most of these cleaners are made up of alcohol, which dries very quickly, you still need to be careful to avoid any problem on your laptop screen.

You can also use another option and make a DIY version at home by using distilled water and vinegar. White vinegar is generally a very useful household solution for removing marks and cleaning purposes because it does not leave any spots behind.

If you are using a cleaner for cleaning your laptop screen, then start this process as usual by removing all the electric inputs from the laptop and power it off. Also, remove the battery of your laptop if it is removable. Now apply the cleaner on a cloth and make it wet according to the requirement. Spot the dirty area and rub the cloth gently without using much force because apply too much force can damage your screen. Then if necessary, repeat the process and be careful that cleaning fluid did not drop on the keyboard. After cleaning the screen thoroughly, let it dry completely, and then you can use it freely.


If you don’t know the proper process for cleaning your laptop screen, it will only be a waste of time and damage to the screen. Following the appropriate steps and using the exact materials will help you evade damage to your laptop screen. Here is the solution to the query that often comes to your mind that how to clean laptop screen, and you can use the above mentioned tips to clean your laptop screen.