Tips on Cleaning Different Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber optic cables are highly sensitive cables and are expensive too. Maintenance of such sensitive and costly pieces of equipment is not so easy. Special conditions and methods are required to do the maintenance of such cables. Fiber optic cables also have connectors and adapters attached to them, which help boost the light signal and help it reach the destination without any difficulties. Connectors are available at the ends of the fiber optic cables. Fiber optic connectors are joints that allow in connecting two different cables. A considerable number of fiber connectors are available in the market, approximately a hundred.

The type and quality of the connectors have evolved and improved with time. But the main functionality and objective of the connector remain the same.

Why is cleaning connectors so important?

The cleanliness of fiber optic connectors is crucial because the fiber optic cables’ performance and results will not be the same if the connectors have dirt on them. We agree that there are no such methods to measure the cables’ cleanliness or clean them entirely, but precautionary measures are necessary to handle the fiber optic connectors.

When the connectors are dirty, the connection between the two ends will be weak, and the performance will be low. Maintenance of the equipment is necessary for better network performance. If the connectors are not clean, a dB loss is more likely to happen. The light signals will not be successful in reaching their destinations. While choosing your cables wisely, keeping them safe and clean is equally important. The fiber optic cables in Dubai are less prone to such errors because of the connectors’ regular and proper maintenance.

Performance of the fiber optic cable is also low due to damages caused to the connector, i.e., scratches on them.

What are different methods of cleaning the connectors?

Two primary methods which we can use to clean the connectors to get better results.

1. Wet cleaning

In this method, you need a clean, dry wipe and a connector cleaning solvent. Make sure to plug out the connector. Now dip the dry wipe in the connector cleaning solvent without touching the surface with which you want to clean the connector. Now wipe the end face of the connector with the wet part of the wipe gently. After cleaning the connector with the wipe, take a dry wipe to clean it.

2. Dry cleaning

The spots and dust particles on the connectors are cleaned with the dry cleaning method. The end of the connector is inserted in a cassette. Pushing it into the cassette will dry clean the connector. With each insertion of the connector into the cassette, it drives a new tape is loaded. This way, the tape used to clean one connector is not reused.

Steps involved in the cleaning of connectors

The cleaning of connectors is a challenging and sensitive job to do. Each step is of significance while cleaning the connectors.  Below here are the steps of cleaning the fiber optic connectors.

  • The first and most crucial step is to disconnect all the laser sources.
  • Use a microscope to scan the dirt and the spots on the connectors.
  • Once you scan the dirt with the microscope, use dry air to remove solid particles loosely bound to the connector.
  • After removing solid particles with dry air, use a solvent appropriate for cleaning connectors by applying it onto a wipe.
  • Dry clean the connector ends with a dry wipe or a cassette gently.
  • After dry cleaning, examine it with a microscope with proper lightning to confirm no dust particles are left.
  • Once you find no dirt on the connectors’ ends, cover the ends with protective caps so that the dust particles or anything bad cannot make the connector dirty.

What are the mistakes you should avoid and take precautionary measures while cleaning?

  1. Do not touch the ends of the connectors with dirty hands.
  2. Wear gloves and safety glasses while cleaning the connectors.
  3. Make sure the wipe you are cleaning the connector with is not in contact with your hands.
  4. Make sure to put protective caps on the connectors after cleaning.
  5. Do not reuse the wipes.
  6. Make sure not to use the isopropyl alcohol solvent for cleaning purposes.
  7. Do not shower the cleaning solvent on the connectors. Use a little amount of solvent.
  8. Make sure there is no laser connection before you start cleaning


Buying and installing fiber optic cables is not so easy and cheap. Therefore t is always necessary to take precautionary measures for its safety and protection. Keeping the connectors is of very great importance for the cables to work according to their capability. The optimum performance is not only possible with a high-quality product but also with proper care and maintenance. Fiber optic cables Dubai are the best examples for the rest of the world regarding their maintenance and care.