How to clean air ducts at your home (Guides)

Would you like unpleasant smells and dust in your house? Of course, you won’t. A dirty air duct frequently causes dust and odor in your home. Consequently, it creates severe disease to your family members like asthma, allergies, dyspnoea, etc.

Indeed, cleaning air ducts improves the air quality and removes unpleasant smells from your home. A cleaned air duct provides clean and fresh air, which is beneficial for health. So, it is crucial to clean the air ducts timely.

No matter how much you clean your home, it will remain dirty if your air duct is dirty. The air duct is connected with the electricity that is conducive to the human body. So, you must know about how to clean air ducts before starting the cleaning project.

Let’s get started!

How to clean air ducts

Falling dust in the air duct is common after a certain period. But a dirty and grimy duct creates unpleasant weather inside the room. So, it would help if you mandatorily cleaned the air duct after a specific period to have a safe environment.

Don’t know how to clean air ducts? No worries! Allow us to show you the full guidelines for air duct cleaning.

Things you’ll need

  •       Vacuum cleaner (Must perform heavy-duty)

To accomplish the heavy-duty cleaning.

  •       Broom

To clean the place where the hand cannot reach normally. For example: inside the air duct, ceiling grills.

  •       Cleaning brush

To clean a thing swiftly.

  •       Screwdriver

To unscrew the duct’s cover.

  •       Hand gloves and face mask

To protect your hands and mouth from dust, pollen, and grim.

Things to do

Step 1: Turn off the power

At first, turn off the power of the air conditioning system to avoid an unwanted accident. It is a crucial task that you must perform before starting to clean. Wear the hand gloves and face mask to ensure additional protection.

Step 2: Open the air duct covers.

Secondly, unscrew the air duct covers with the screwdriver from the wall. Clean the covers with the brush and vacuum cleaner. Use the soap and water in case the grates are too dirty.  

Step 3: Clean the ducts with a heavy-duty vacuum

Afterward, clean the duct with a heavy-duty vacuum. The normal household vacuum is not powerful enough to clean the internal side of your duct. So, please purchase or hire a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner for cleaning the dirt of the duct.

Make sure the vacuum you hire, can reach in the deep of the duct and is powerful also. Complete the dusting inside the duct with a powerful vacuum.

Step 4: Loosen the dust from grills

Now attack the dust of your ceiling’s grill. Most of the time, the cleaner avoids or forgets to clean ceiling grills. But, if the grill remains dirty, it further causes dusty air in the room.

Therefore, make sure you don’t forget to clean the ceiling grill. Use the vacuum or broom if you cannot reach the grill.

See! It is not that difficult to clean an air duct from your house. Still, if you think the duct is dustier than your expectation, then you better hire the professional duct cleaner.

The sum up!

Although the air ducts cleaning process consumes some time, you must clean it timely. Undoubtedly, cleaning the air duct keeps us free from polluted air. Also, cleaning the air duct is the key technique of keeping your home neat and clean.

Therefore, to get a dirt-free room and an air duct, you must clean your air conditioning system on time. Please read our complete article to know how to clean air ducts and follow the steps consecutively.