How to Choose the Right Typography Before Printing

How to choose the right typography? This question arises as soon as there is a need for printing services. As a rule, there are two categories of customers before a choice: those who need printed products from time to time or for the first time, and those who are dissatisfied with the results of cooperation with printers they know. When choosing a printing house, focus solely on the cost of services, this choice, as a rule, will not be the best.

The choice of a printing house is difficult due to a large number of similar offers on the market. Crystal Print has been providing top-notch quality printing services for years and they have an unbeatable mastery in this field. 

The first thing to understand is who the real printer is and who the middleman is. If an offer is made by an intermediary, for example, an advertising agency, which does not have its own full-cycle printing production, it is not at all necessary to immediately refuse the service. Any type of printing organization can have its own advantages. So, good advertising agencies have a staff of qualified designers, whose fresh ideas can be very useful in the development of advertising products. If you need a guarantee of the quality of a printed publication, strict adherence to deadlines at the lowest possible price, then cooperation with the printing house will be more profitable and reliable.

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What you need to know about typography

The printing house is a specialized printing production equipped with printing equipment and has a stable team of specialists in the staff that is able to use this equipment. To understand which organization offers printing services, you need to ask its employees a few questions. Ask – what equipment is used for printing products and their binding, as well as at what address the production part is located. Would like to see how the process is organized. At this stage, most of the structures that are not printers will be eliminated.

Printing of printed products consists of several stages. Ask an employee of the organization – whether pre-press preparation is performed on their basis, if so, ask for the contact details of a specialist. The next question is asked about the availability of post-press equipment and what types of binding can be ordered. It is easy to get clear answers to these questions in a full-cycle printing house. If any of these stages are performed by third-party organizations, then it is necessary to understand that subcontractors participate in the production of finished products, each of which makes a mark-up for their services, while not having direct contractual relations with the customer of printed products, and therefore the responsibility to him.

How to choose the right printing house

After excluding intermediaries from the survey, you can begin to find out the specific capabilities of a printing house. It is important to understand that printing equipment differs in its purpose and characteristics. Comparing the offers of different printing houses, the customer of printed products needs to find out two parameters – the format and the color of the printing equipment. If the color of the publication coincides with the color of the printing press, this will be the best option in terms of price, quality and lead time. The format of the equipment should be capable of printing a given run with maximum paper efficiency. For each type of print product and print run, there is a preferred format that provides the lowest cost price at the optimum print speed.