How to Choose the Right Trucking Accountant

Every year, truckers spend more than 300 days on the road. That doesn’t leave you with much time to manage your finances.

Having an accountant on your team in the trucking sector is critical to your company’s success. But how do you pick the best accountant for the job? Continue reading to find out how to hire the best trucking accountant for your company.

What Should You Look for in a Trucking Accountant?

You may learn more about trucking accountants in Canada in a variety of methods. Asking coworkers, friends, or family, conducting internet searches, and contacting other specialists are just a few of the choices available.

Once you’ve compiled a list of probable candidates, knowing what to look for in the finest accountant for trucking company can help you narrow it down. The attributes to look for are the ones listed below.


The greatest accountant for trucking company will have the necessary qualifications and education. They must also be moral. When working with financial data and government agencies, strong ethics are essential. Staying on top of your taxes and always being truthful will keep you out of trouble.

Accountants vs. Bookkeepers

Instead of just looking for a bookkeeper, you should go for an accountant.

Bookkeepers are in charge of record-keeping and can execute some accounting activities, such as generating rudimentary financial reports. Accountants have a greater level of responsibility and can assist you with your company’s finances on a larger scale.

They can assist you with business strategy and tax preparation. Accountants can also deal with tax authorities if there are any tax-related concerns.

An accountant can provide bookkeeping services, but they are far better suited to generally analyze your company’s financials, look at the big picture, and provide advice on its financial health.


You must choose an accountant for trucking company with a track record of success. Taxes on trucks are complicated, and you don’t want just any accountant managing them. An accountant with years of expertise working with trucking firms is essential since only they will know how to secure you the best deal possible when it comes to tax time.

When it comes to detecting deductions and saving money on your taxes, nothing beats expertise. An accountant familiar with your industry will also understand how taxes and financing function in your company’s structure.

When it comes to handling their finances, self-employed truckers have unique obstacles. Life on the road and keeping track of administrative business activities aren’t always mutually exclusive. A professional trucker accountant can assist you with your books, accounting, GST, and personal taxes, among other things.

Only an expert trucker accountant will discover all of the deductions and expenses that you can deduct. When you’re a trucker, the last thing you want to think about when you’re on the road is your taxes. When you hire an expert accountant, you can be assured that your company’s finances are in good hands.


In this digital age, information security is more vital than ever. Your accountant has access to confidential corporate information. It’s crucial to inquire about the steps they’re taking to safeguard and protect your personal information. While no industry is immune to cyber-attacks, a competent accountant will be proactive and open about how they intend to keep your data safe.


When looking for the best accountants for truckers, search for people who are available all year. Some trucking accountants that can assist you with your taxes may not provide service all year. Gas company accountants, oil company accountants, and transportation company accountants should be available throughout the calendar year.

This is crucial if you want to get the most out of your company’s finances and taxes. You never know when the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) may contact you or when you will be audited. Your accountant should be active and available at all times and should respond to your questions.

Learning Commitment

The greatest trucking accountant will go above and beyond their responsibilities. They’ll keep you informed about the newest tax advancements and industry changes that could affect your company.

They will also put in place the most up-to-date technology to assist you with your business finances. Make sure to inquire about what potential accountants do to keep on top of their game as accountant for trucking company.

What Questions Should You Ask?

It’s just as vital to know what questions to ask as it is to know what attributes to look for. You should contact a few possible accountants when you’ve limited your choice down to a few and request a consultation. This “interview” is crucial for learning about your options and getting answers to your queries.

Make a list of questions ahead of time to help you prepare for this talk. The following are some possible questions to include in your list:

  1. What are your thoughts on transportation taxes?
  2. How long have you been a certified public accountant?
  3. Do you have a track record of accomplishment?
  4. Do you have any references from previous and present customers?
  5. Who will be in charge of my taxes in particular?
  6. How much do you charge?
  7. Do you offer good value for the money you charge?
  8. How can I get in touch with you?
  9. Do you provide timely and courteous service to your customers?
  10. Do you require the services of a trucking accountant?

Finding a trucker accountant who genuinely cares about your company is challenging. M7 Tax has extensive expertise as trucking accountants. We have a track record of accomplishment and are qualified and eager to offer you your company the best financial advice and tax strategies.