How to choose the right Technology Partner

Finding the right technology partner is not always an easy task. Many IT projects fail because the chosen partner does not meet the requirements that it initially promised. Understanding what to look for in a possible partner to avoid these disappointments is critical.

When two companies establish an alliance as technology partners, it is understood that it will be based on trust and that each of them will comply with the pre-established requirements. But there are times when this does not happen, so it is essential to consider a series of considerations when looking for a partner and establishing a solid channel relationship.

Understand your business

Having a partner who cares about understanding how the business works in detail to help design and develop offers for the end customer is one of the crucial points when choosing a partner.

Don’t create too many expectations

A technology provider needs to test any product in different real-world scenarios to ensure the partnership runs smoothly from the start. Although initially, everything may indicate that having the solutions of a technological partner guarantees compliance with initial expectations until the product is tested, it cannot be said with certainty that it meets the specific requirements demanded and those of the customers.

It is also essential to establish service level agreements for each client, creating reports and defining specific processes and services.

Passion for the changing landscape

We are immersed in constant change and technology advances so rapidly that customers need to evolve hand in hand with trusted partners to make the best decisions for their business. Whether it’s to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks, increase flexibility and efficiency through cloud services, or completely transform the role of IT in your organization through digitization, your partner needs to understand these needs and think about a future to adapt to new requirements and adapt quickly to the expected and the unexpected.


Being resourceful is necessary to advance in digital projects: many times, the plans on paper do not go as expected, and then we must change our strategy. A partner who thinks outside the box will go a long way in bringing new ideas and practices forward when needed to collaborate and co-innovate.

Innovation is vital in technology, as it enables processes to be modernized and adapted to new market opportunities and demands.

Work methodology: How do you plan your processes and projects?

Even if a partner swears to you that he is the best in executing the projects, it is better that you make sure of the methodology and procedures they follow to develop them. Many will say that the important thing is the results, but it is just as essential to have optimal planning of each stage of development to ensure the quality of the product and avoid any error.

If they had executed the project in an organized manner, it would be easier and faster to identify the type of problem that arises according to the stage of development.

Working with agile methodologies, for example, guarantees the orderly execution of tasks divided into sprints, allowing developers and engineers to manage better their work times and tackle problems one by one.


One last aspect that must not be forgotten when choosing the right technology partner is not to leave any loose fringes and evaluate all kinds of compatibility, especially in the initial stages. Having a long-term partner will be crucial to business success, and having a compatible one that is easy to work with and that adds value to customers will be essential.