How to choose the right sports shoes

There are so many different types of sneakers to choose from. Every day, new technologies and models keep being introduced into the production process which gives you tons more options for finding a perfect fit with your footwear needs that will suit every sport or activity you practice!

Walking shoes, running sneakers, training shoes, soccer shoes, and perhaps today there are dozens of different models of sports shoes in front of you and you do not know exactly what is the difference between them and which one is better for each situation.

This article is a quick guide to the most important types of athletic shoes and the use of each.

Running shoes

For those who pound asphalt or trails on a weekly basis, choosing the right pair of running shoes is a big deal! Running shoes have a thinner sole than many other types of athletic shoes. However, the soles of running shoes are made with three resistant layers that reduce the shock of kicks to the ground and put less stress on your joints.

Running shoes are usually very flexible and light so that movement of the wrists and soles of the feet can be done easily when running.

If you are looking for a shoe with a thicker sole, running shoes designed for mountain and nature running are the best choice.

The upper part of athletic running shoes is usually made with a lightweight mesh fabric to keep the weight of the shoe as low as possible and allow the foot to breathe better while running.

Walking shoes

You may not be a runner, but with the modern, sedentary lifestyle of most of us, walking should be a regular part of our daily or at least weekly schedule.

Walking shoes usually require less impact absorption than running shoes, but since they are likely to be worn for a long time, they should be quite comfortable.

A good walking shoe should be designed to protect the feet and ankles from soreness.

When buying walking shoes, pay close attention to their size. It is also best to have a cushion or a small cushion on the sole of the shoe.

Athletic or Gym Shoe

Exercise shoes are used when you do not intend to play a particular sport. For specialized sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, etc., you should wear special sports shoes.

Training shoes are very useful for going to the gym or when doing sports such as bodybuilding or working out without special shoes.

Workout shoes absorb the shock of the feet on the ground and objects well and therefore are suitable for cardio and running exercises. You can also wear exercise shoes if you are standing for a long time.

Soccer cleats

Because running is the foundation of soccer, the first thing about soccer shoes is that they are lightweight. The soles of these shoes are primarily designed for running on flat grass and therefore have grips that prevent them from slipping on the grass.

Those soccer shoes are designed to be suitable for men and women at the same time, and are engineered to give you the perfect traction, no matter what condition your field is. They come in different designs and prices but they usually provide similar results given their similarities of design.

Choosing the right soccer cleats comes down to whether is it for soccer training or is it for soccer matches; otherwise, you can choose from any brand and in any price range, surely you will find the design you will like.

Hiking shoes

Without proper mountain sneakers, going into the mountains is impossible and extremely dangerous. Lightweight hiking boots are usually suitable for both climbing and mountain running. Mountain shoes also have a sole that absorbs bumps and shock and relieves pressure on your knees and joints.

mountain shoes are usually designed to be waterproof to keep your feet comfortable and dry. Of course, not all mountain shoes are waterproof, so if you want a professional mountain shoe, be sure to pay attention to its information and features.

Some hiking boots are designed for hot weather, so their upper materials are mesh, which helps the feet breathe better. But this feature makes these types of shoes unsuitable for winter and wet weather.

Hint: On some models of mountain shoes, the outsole is slightly higher in the heel department. This difference in level helps you not to slip when climbing on hard surfaces. Mountain shoes usually have the most durable outsole of all types of athletic shoes, which prevents strikes and has acceptable flexibility with respect to its thickness.

Swimming shoes or water sports shoes

You may not think that swimming requires special shoes and would rather go to the pool or the beach with a comfortable pair of toe slippers. But the beaches with a rocky and hard texture will make you regret it. For these types of beaches, you should consider buying the right shoes for swimming.

Water sneakers are usually made of rubber, and the most important use of them is to protect you from rocks and lumps that might scratch your foot. Of course, these shoes are easier to wear in the water than other types of sports shoes.

If you are hiking in an environment where you can also swim in the river, water sports shoes will come in handy.