How To Choose The Right Sanitary Bin Appliances For Your Facilities

Whether you manage an office, run a bar or restaurant or own a small business – sanitary bins are essential and should be present in all female toilet facilities to ensure hygienic, dignified and safe disposal of sanitary products.

What Exactly Are Sanitary Bins?

Sanitary bins are discrete, small bins that neatly tuck down the side of toilets providing easy and convenient disposal of feminine sanitary products such as tampons and menstrual pads. 

Owners or managers can be unaware but they are a legal requirement for most businesses and facilities in order to adhere to a range of sanitary waste disposal regulations. These state that not only do the appropriate containment bins need to be present but that proper disposal measures are in place – failure to do so can leave businesses at risk of incurring significant penalties.

Types of Bins

It might not seem like something that needs much thought but choosing the right type of sanitary bins for your washrooms is important and needs careful consideration.

Open and Close

Manual – These have a simple open-close lid where products can be quickly disposed of via the opening on top of the bin.

Pedal Bins – These operate with a foot pedal at the base of the bin that provides a sanitary way to open the bin without any contact being made with the hands.

Automatic – These have built in sensors that ensure touchless open and close lids for modern, convenient and clean disposal of products. 

Empty or Replace

There are bins on the market that provide temporary / cardboard style sanitary bins. This means that upon disposal the whole bin itself is removed and taken away and replaced with a new bin, but this can be expensive and not as professional looking as real bins.

With the more commonly featured bins, hygienic liners are used to keep in odours and can be removed easily to empty which is significantly cheaper than the former option.


There may be things about your building or commercial space which you will want to factor in when choosing the style of bin. There are a wide range of options available but it’s important to look at your toilet facilitates when making the decision.

Most cubicles are small but you might need to look at special compact options if space is very limited in order to get the right fit.

Colours most commonly used are white, black and grey plastic for easy cleaning but other colours are available and they can even be branded to fit your business.

If you have a nice restaurant or offices where clients frequently use the washrooms, then maybe something more in keeping with the space such as black bins with chrome lids can provide a smart and modern alternative.

Choosing Your Bins

With so many options available it is important to make sure that you choose the sanitary waste bins best suited to your facilities. 

A professional washroom company will be able to provide expert sanitary bin services and can visit your property to help establish which products will best fit the space and fulfil your requirements. 

They can also help you to; 

  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Cover the legislation ‘Duty of Care’ responsibilities
  • Provide waste transfer documentation
  • manage the collection, handling, transportation and disposal of bin contents
  • Ensure that all waste is incinerated in line with the Environmental Agency best practice

Don’t leave your sanitary disposal to chance – be sure to appoint qualified, professionals who can deliver washroom solutions and help ensure your businesses compliance with necessary health and safety legislation.