How to Choose the Right Learjet Broker to Sell Your Aircraft?

Selling an aircraft is harder than buying one. 

Hiring an expert jet broker can change an arduous sales process into a cakewalk.

A Lear jet broker is an experienced individual or team of intelligent, trustworthy professionals. The jet broker and his team collaborate with you throughout the sales process. 

The most common tasks include:

  • The initial listing
  • Marketing plan
  • Showing the plane
  • Contract administration and negotiation
  • Pre-purchase inspection coordination
  • Delivery logistics
  • Closing

A broker turns a process filled with pitfalls and obstacles into a smooth sale that puts money in your pocket and gets your plane into the hands of the right buyer.

Of course…that’s only true if you choose the right one.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Learjet Broker

Start by creating a short list of possible candidates. You’re looking for people who are both knowledgeable and qualified. The list should only include experienced jet brokers.

After you’ve shortlisted your candidates, learn more about their previous clientele and aviation experience. Take the time to learn more about the firm.

The one you choose should be experienced. You want someone capable of avoiding the common issues that crop up during a sales transaction. You want someone who has experience selling the same class and category of aircraft as the one you are attempting to sell. Note that some jet brokers specialize in selling a specific class of aircraft, while others transact across a wide variety of models.

The size of a jet brokerage is another important factor to consider when choosing a firm. 

A large jet brokerage firm with plenty of listings will absolutely have the experience and know-how to complete a smooth transaction, but with a small jet brokerage firm you will know the precise person who is handling your plane and leading the sales process. 

Going with the larger jet broker sometimes allows you to get maximum benefits with a diverse team under one umbrella.

Why should you retain a jet broker to sell your Learjet?

An experienced jet aircraft broker can:

  • Help ensure you get fair value for your plane during a sale. 
  • Expedite the process by removing bids that are invalid, or too low.
  • Holds extensive marketing expertise, creating effective campaigns which garner more interest from qualified buyers. 
  • Reduces paperwork related to the sales process.
  • Check for clears title
  • Transfer bill of sale
  • Manages other vital components of the sales process.
  • Provides reliable information. Experienced jet brokers are highly educated and informed on each and every process of buying and selling a plane. 

In short, a Learjet broker removes the headaches associated with selling a plane.

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