How to Choose the Right Kind of Lube

Lube can be a game changer for couples as it facilitates better sex (and, arguably, longer sex). Also known as personal lubricant, this product is basically a gel-like liquid that people can use while masturbating, and during sex. It can prolong sex and even increase pleasure as it reduces the friction between genitals.

Now, if you’re new to lube, it can be hard to choose the right type of product. It helps to know that there are four different types of lubes that you can choose from:

4 Types of Lubes that you can try!

1. Water-based lube: Water-based lube is generally considered to be the best type of lubricant as it can be used with condoms as well as sex toys. This type of lube typically also has glycerin which is supposed to be good for the skin as it moisturizes the skin and can add to the slippery feel of the gel.

Another reason why this type of lube is often considered the best is because it’s the most appropriate for people with sensitive skin. So, if you find that your skin often gets irritated the minute you use any new product, this type of lube might be the perfect solution for you.

2. Oil-based lube: Oil-based lube is more appropriate for monogamous couples who do not use condoms. This is because this type of lube can break down the surface of the condom, leading to a high risk of pregnancy.

A major drawback of this type of lube is that it can linger within the cervix, leading to bacterial infections if not cleaned properly.

3. Aloe-vera-based lube: Aloe-vera-based lube is the latest type of lube to enter the market. There are two reasons for its popularity – the first is that it’s made of natural ingredients and the second is that it’s an environmentally sustainable product

4. Silicone-based lube: Silicone-based lube is also a very popular type of lubricant. This is because these can also be use with condoms, and is therefore a good option for when you’re having sex with your partner. Silicone-based lubricant lasts a long time and can be used with sex toys too.

Why should you use lube?

There are many reasons why you should use lube. Some of these include:

  1. It can help prolong sex – often, people have to cut sex short because the friction between the genitals may end up causing pain. When you use lube, you don’t have to worry about this at all.
  2. It can improve your sense of pleasure – lube, as the name suggests, makes your body parts slippery and ripe for penetration. Easy penetration can lead to faster movements, thereby increasing your pleasure.
  3. It can help mask smells – in case you’re someone who gets squeamish due to the smell of sex, you can use scented lubricants to mask the smell and enjoy yourself.
  4. It can help you try new positions – new positions can sometimes be hard to master due to odd angles or dryness. Lube can help you try new positions without having to deal with any pain or physical awkwardness.

As you can see, lube can certainly make your sex life better. Pick the right lube for your needs and enjoy greater physical intimacy with your partner!