How To Choose The Right Colostomy Bag Belt

Having a colostomy surgery is not the end of your healthy living or preclusion of your normal activities before surgery. Though you might be overwhelmed by the variation of colostomy bag belts on the internet. And wondering which is the best for your ostomy. 

Be rest assured, this post will guide you through the process of selecting a suitable and comfortable belt for your colostomy bag. Before we get started, check here for your stoma guard and protection.

Colostomy Bag Belt 

What Is A Colostomy?

A colostomy is a surgery performed in an individual in which a stoma is passed through his abdomen. The stoma is the passageway for fecal matter from the large intestine out of the body system. 

A colostomy is usually performed in the instant of an injury to one colon, colon cancer, or disease. 

What is a Colostomy Bag? 

A colostomy bag is the pouch use in collecting the feces from the large intestine. The size is dependant on who is wearing the same. It could be large or small. 

There are two types of bags used by colostomy patients depending on the severity of their condition and on the hardness of the fecal matter pass. These two are drainable and non-drainable ostomy bags. 

Drainable bag, this allows the content of the bags to be drain anytime during the day and fastened back. It is usually for liquid output. 

While Non-drainable bags cannot be drain and reuse multiple times. This in another word means that this bag would be replaced every time the content is nearly full. 

Choosing a Colostomy Bag Belt

Having to choose a belt for your osteoma bag due to leakage of stool or the shifting of your bag when performing some activities. It needs some consideration before selecting one for yourself, viz; 

The Stoma Opening 

The stoma construction should be considered before dabbling in a bag belt. Is the colostomy long or short and does the same need support to hold it in place? 

The Skin Surrounding The Stoma Opening

The characteristics of the skin around your stoma opening may preclude using a belt. Whether the skins are flat, dip or fold and don’t offer support to hold in place the colostomy bag. 

Size Of The Belt

The first consideration when choosing a belt is the size. You must ensure the belt is not made too tight and you’re comfortable in it. Making your belt too tight might result in skin irritation and ulcer. 

The System Of Your Ostomy Bag. 

The system of your ostomy bag is a greater factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

In the situation whereby it is one-piece ostomy bags, it does need less support and may work well without the need of affixing an ostomy belt to the bag. The flange is not separated from the ostomy bag and is more secure. 

While in a two-piece bags where the flange or wafer is attached to the body to ease the frequency of contacts with the skins while removing the ostomy bag. This kind of bag requires support to securely hold it in place and prevent constant spillage of stool. 

Why You Should Use Colostomy Bag Belt

Using an ostomy belt ensures the security of the bags in one place. And it reduces the risk of movement of such bags when involving in other activities. 

Belts act as a support system for your pouch. It ensures the bag stays in place and doesn’t have to leak stool. 

It makes the bag less conspicuous and ensures the user feels comfortable while wearing a colostomy bag. 


An ostomy may not be quite necessary. But before taking any steps, ensure you call the attention of your doctor to any inconvenience you might be having and the help they might render on such.