How to Choose The Right Cafe Blinds?

The blinds you choose for your café may provide the interior and outdoor dining areas with a warm and fashionable appearance, directly linked to how many customers you attract. To help yourself create the proper café appearance, consider four aspects while choosing the ideal cafe blinds in Melbourne or elsewhere. 


Consider style, strength, and durability when choosing the material for your new blinds. Typically, PVC, mesh fabric, or acrylic materials are famous in café blinds in Melbourne. However, there might be a big difference in the material’s quality from one provider to the next.

So, seek blinds of premium UV and fade-resistant fabrics designed to withstand severe weather. Additionally, welded edges are necessary on blinds to prevent fraying and increase robustness. Finally, the blind system’s other components and fittings should be made entirely of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel.


The aesthetic may be made or broken by the design and style of the blinds. Therefore, you should consider how every design detail will make people feel, whether your café invites friends for coffee catch-ups or families with young children who like hot chocolate. Even the style of the blinds of your café needs to be considered accordingly. Outdoor crank-and-clip blinds, sometimes referred to as straight drop blinds, have a width of up to 5.5 meters. You can choose that based on your requirement. However, the sturdy but functional blind is ideal for any application.

  • Blinds from roof to fence 

These are fantastic methods to increase the outside space of your café and provide solitude next to other establishments. In addition, they are excellent at screening out damaging UV rays while supplying natural light.

  • Outdoor zip blinds  

The UV, heat, and glare from the sun are reduced by these contemporary and tasteful blinds, often used as exterior window coverings. They are particularly helpful during the hot summer months.

  • Arm awnings that fold up 

Arm awnings provide a practical shade option that can handle practically any size area. Even better, you may install them to provide a stunning veranda effect.

  • Shutters on the outside  

Aluminum plantation shutters provide a clean, contemporary look. Your outdoor and indoor sitting areas can look classy and useful with the appropriate selection. 


When looking for outdoor blinds, it’s wise to keep your budget in mind since the price of blinds for your café might vary significantly. However, choosing the most costly alternative is not always required. If you are unsure about the product’s quality, we advise researching and contacting the blind merchant to find out more.


It is advisable to hire a professional to install your outdoor blinds rather than trying to do it yourself if you want your café blinds to look great and last a long time. Thankfully, many trusted companies who help with blind installation have you covered with a selection of functional café blinds that come in various shapes, styles, and materials and provide ideal shade and reliable protection from wind and rain.


Café blinds are one of the most important aspects of cafe makeovers or decorations. So, anytime is the perfect time to install new exterior blinds with the help of Phantom Screens in your café. Thanks to outstanding costs and quicker lead times, you can now construct the ideal outdoor sitting area for your clients to enjoy throughout winter.