How to Choose the Right Bike Rack for Car

Carrying a bike along on road trips may be a little challenging for every cyclist. There are a variety of types available on the market right now. This makes cyclists sometimes feel confused. 

Here comes our review, detailing some basic factors to choose the right bike rack for car, which will definitely help you a lot.

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1. Type of rack

Basically, there are different types of bike racks, and each is suitable for specific vehicles. The types are;

  • Roof-mounted racks
  • Hitch mount racks
  • Trunk mounted racks
  • Fork mount racks
  • Spare tire bike racks

Different cars need dissimilar types of racks. Therefore, carefully check which types are suitable for your car or ask the retailer to consult before purchasing. Because of that, you will not make wrong decisions and waste your money.


2. Number of bikes

First and foremost, you should be clear about the number of bikes you would like to carry because there are bike racks which can only carry one bike whereas others can carry from two to six bikes. The fewer bikes you carry, the more space you have for other pieces of stuff. If you usually cycle alone, go for a one-bike carrier. In case you usually go with your friends and family, buy racks which can hold up to 6 bikes. Finally, if you are still unclear about the number, choose those which can adjust the number of bikes transported thanks to the use of extenders. 


3. Sturdiness and Stability

This is also an important factor that needs considering. You would not want an indurable product, would you? Therefore, you should consider sturdiness when buying. The rack should stay in shape after a long time used. To make it realistic, you should choose racks made of heavy-duty materials.


4. Security system

All bike racks can hold your bikes in place and prevent them from falling off. However, what you need to care about is how you can protect your bikes from thieves. Some racks are enclosed with an integrated security system, so you don’t need to worry about them. Some, in contrast, have nothing to ensure security. In this case, you should buy a security system or locking systems such as cable lock and locks. As a result, your bikes will be safe.


5. Versatility

We can consider whether a rack is versatile or not based on its various usages and styles. A rack that can carry different types of bikes is a versatile one. In addition, a versatile rack can also carry other pieces of stuff besides just bikes, e.g. sporting gear like boats, surfboards, skis, snowboards, cargo boxes and, paddle boards.


6. Convenience

Some models are much more convenient than others for some certain cars. Let take an example. A trunk-mounted rack may hinder you from getting to your vehicle’s trunk. Whereas, hitch racks would facilitate the process with their ability to angle down the bikes, leaving space in the trunk. Small errors may drive you irritated. Thus, contemplate carefully cannot completely make your decision perfect, but at least you can avoid some common problems from the get-go.


7. Budget

The products’ price may range from inexpensive price to exorbitant one, depending on the brand, material, outstanding technology and the number of bikes carried. Customers can choose ones that fit their pocket money. However, cheap price should not be a superior factor. Indeed, other characteristics should also be taken into consideration. Because you would use the equipment for a long time, don’t be so stingy. What is more, the frequency with which you use it should decide that buying or hiring one is more economical. 



Good-looking appearance, an ability to hold many bikes or prices are some of the factors when you make a purchase. However, what really matters is which product can keep your locomotives far from scratches, hold your bikes firmly and bring you comfort while using.

We went through some details and tips, we hope these will help you to purchase suitable bike racks for car. Keep in mind that the ones you want will please you later on, not others’

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