How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Bands

There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account before the official date, like finding a bridal makeup artist, searching a wedding venue, buying a wedding dress, etc. Your makeup and hair artists are a vital part of your bridal team. In the lead up to your wedding day, they should be able to provide support and instruction to help you achieve your beauty goals and work with you to overcome any concerns you have with achieving the perfect bridal makeup and hair. On the day, you can expect their team to bring steady, calm energy with lots of good vibes and professionalism to work efficiently and positively with your bridal party and guests. It’s required for all brides to have a trial after booking their wedding day to ensure that you are happy with your look and to feel comfortable with your makeup team prior to your event. After you’ve secured your wedding date you can start planning your bridal makeup. This is a fun part of the bridal process because it’s an opportunity to ask questions, get to know each other and experiment with your favourite products.

Aside from your vows, there’s nothing more that makes it official than the exchange offering of wedding bands.  These are the rings that the bride and groom will be wearing forever, ’til death do us part! So it is important for the bride and groom to purchase a wedding band that they both like and feel good about.

One thing that you should consider when buying a wedding band, is both the personal style of the future husband and wife. This is a joint effort, so both parties should agree. It is essential that both are comfortable with the rings that they choose because they’d be wearing these rings for a lifetime.

There are a variety of wedding bands to choose from, made from different materials. 14 karat white and yellow gold are still two of the most popular choices. A 14 karat gold wedding band is not entirely made of gold. It is mixed with an alloy of gold and other metals such as copper and silver. 

Wedding bands also come in silver and platinum. Platinum is heavier than gold. It is considered to be the most precious of all metals. It makes for a beautiful wedding ring because of its stunning white metal that shines after it has been polished. 

Silver is not considered superior in quality. Silver metal tends to be very soft. Wedding bands made of silver are prone to discolouration. But they are very inexpensive. So those who are shopping on a budget might want to consider this as an option.

In choosing a wedding band,  the thickness of the band must be considered, and whether the bride and groom would want a wedding band with a design, or just a plain set of wedding bands.

Now, it is common for couples to choose the same wedding band. Except, that the woman’s wedding band is slightly smaller. It is advisable for couples who are shopping for rings to visit a number of jewellery stores. This way, they’d have a wide selection to choose from. They could also compare prices. If you have any questions regarding the rings, you can always ask a professional jeweller to assist you. He or she can also offer you an expert opinion when it comes to your selection.

If couples chose to have an engraving in their rings, they should already have dedication in mind. Also, they should be careful in choosing the type of engraving they will put in their wedding bands because these engravings are lasting.

Most couples chose to have their initials brandished inside their wedding rings. While others chose symbols, or dedications as a gesture, or profession of their love and devotion to each other. Engravings are a wonderful thing because they make the rings more meaningful and special.

Ask your friends and family who are blissfully married to recommend some names of places where you can acquire the wedding bands of your dream.

If you cannot find a ready-made ring that suits your style, you can always have them custom made. A lot of jewellers specialize in making wedding bands. Having your wedding bands made actually is less expensive than purchasing in-store wedding bands. The great thing about this is it also adds a personal touch to the ring selection process.

But in the end, it’s not really just about the rings, so couples should not stress over the whole ring selection process. Rather they should enjoy and relish this special time, when they are about to be made future husband and wife, and bonded for all eternity