How to Choose the Perfect Charpai, Bar Stool, Bench Chair or Bean Bag for Your Home Décor

Most homes today have the trending style of open kitchens and breakfast bar counters. It creates an airy space and encourages family members to mingle casually when compared to a formal dining setting. In fact, with shared dining and living areas in modern home plans, traditional settings don’t work as much aesthetically or functionally. Owing to this, it is only natural to want the perfect seating option that matches the interiors. It should be of the correct height, suits the purpose, and can accommodate all. If you are in the process of selecting seating online and want unconventional options, stop browsing, as we have all the details here for you.

Know all about Seating Options

You may be tempted to resort to traditional seating furniture like matching dining chairs for a dining table or a large sofa set with matching armchairs. We are here to tell you there are many versatile and functional options in designing your seating arrangements that can add a special ‘oomph’ to your furniture arrangement and style. These can be used to bring your guests together seated comfortably during a soiree or can be used to casually relax while listening to some mood-boosting music. Whatever your home decor style, consider adding these discreet yet chic, and easy-to-store extra seat options.

Bar Stools

Reveal your decorating taste by choosing stylilong-leggedgged bar stools for your bar counter in wood or metal frames. They are trendy and come in different styles that neatly fit against a tall table top. Keep the following factors in mind before you pick one:

Purpose & Measure

Decide on the purpose of your bar stool. Will it be placed in a kitchen or in a cosy countertop nook in your living room? Are these spots where your guests will be socialising for more than an hour? Knowing the purpose can help you choose the perfect barstool that is comfortable. Also, measure the height and depth of the table and think about how the bar stools will park under, especially when not in use.


The most essential factor when selecting bar stools is to ensure you pick the right height. Picking something too tall or too short can prove fatal with a fall or even spell a design disaster. The average rule of thumb is to pick a stool height between 60-66cm. To classify as ‘bar height’, tabletops or counters should measure between 101-106 cm from the floor, and requires a seat height of 72-76 centimetres.


Bar stools can be noisy with long legs, and they can be heavy, also. Ensure the legs are protected to avoid jarring against the floors that make too much noise and damage the floor.


Sitting on a tall stool can be uncomfortable for some. Especially, when the feet don’t rest on the floor. Eliminate this with comforting elements like a curved or padded backrest, armrest, swivel options, cushiony seating and an attached footrest. Deep seats with a wider front-to-back are great for taller people, while shallow seats support shorter people’s seating.


Mix and match different designs and shades to bring in a voguish element to any interior. No matter what the frame of stool you choose, pick removable cushion covers so you can mix and match as the seasons trending colours changes.


Charpai, or a charpoy, is a four-legged day bed made of solid wood knitted with natural fibres and materials like cotton. Charpai’s are an absolute must-have if you are someone who wants to bring a traditional touch to a modern setting. It’s stylish, sturdy, and acts like a day bed too. Set this charpai as a seating option as part of your living room or an open garden area to enhance your home décor with vibrant colours. Laze on the charpoi during warm afternoons, as the breathable design encourages excellent back support. The knitted weave in webbed patterns adds a style statement and can add a pop of colour to any interior. Not a fan of eccentric colours? Stick to the basics of black and white, and you’ll still get the ‘wow’ factor with its intricate design.

Bean bags

Bean bags never go out of trend. They are functional and are a great alternative to regular sofa seats. If you think bean bags look lazy and shapeless, think again with options like the Wakefit Original Leatherette Bean Bag. Its rich brown/black/ grey fabric with red piping adds a touch of class to any space in your home. In addition, bean bags are easy to clean and don’t absorb dirt or smells. Remember, it’s all in the filling. So if you are choosing a giant bean bag, ensure to have a minimum filling of 1.5 to 2kg. The bean filling gives the perfect gives great support without placing pressure and is durable too!

Bench chair

Probably the most stunning option in seating, bench chairs are the most popular style statement for 2023. It is a multi-purpose and versatile furniture option that can be incorporated into any interior design. The structure of a bench is such that it is narrow and can fit any existing furniture without being too intrusive. Enhance the look of your entryway by placing a rustic bench that can also store your shoes under it. A bench chair is often incorporated at the foot of a bed too. These can store extra cushions, pillows, throws and other bedding, keeping your room clutter free, as it should be!

If you are looking to include a bench chair for your living space, opt for a neoclassical bench that creates an elegant flow with existing sofa settings and offers extra seating. If your interiors reflect a Nordic style, then opt for a pure wooden bench chair paired with your dining table. You can definitely add more seating and open the space up with no high-back seating.

No matter what seating style you choose, having additional seating options always comes in handy. Especially when you have a large guest list and need to accommodate all. The perfect seating options are those that are multi-functional too. So pick one that can be repurposed later or offer storage space too. Enjoy decorating your home with these brilliant and trending options in seating.