How to Choose the Most Comfortable Mattress Topper

The elders in the family have always believed that a good night’s sleep is very crucial for a healthy life. Those in the mattress businesses have spent years of research to ensure that when we hit the bed, we are most comfortable in there. A mattress topper is one such bed accessory that invites you to the bed and makes you love spending time there.


Why is it crucial that you buy the perfect mattress topper – because we spend a substantial amount of time either on the couch or on the bed. It would not be wrong to add here that many of us enjoy being there with our laptops and binging on Netflix movies.


In this blog, we will tell you how to choose that extra layer of comfort for your bed.

What is a Mattress topper?

A mattress topper is nothing but a sheet or additional layer that sits on top of the mattress. The layer actually acts as a pad on top of the bed, and it’s an extra cushion for your body. This additional layer of comfort gives rest to your body and provides joint support firmly. Mattress toppers have dual-use, it can be used on top of couches, baby cots, comfy beds for your pet.


They can be used as seat cushions or can just be spread on the floor, where you can watch TV or the baby can play. This extra layer of comfort is not only good for the body but also protects the mattress from tear or damage.

Different Types of Mattress Toppers

When you step out to shop for a mattress topper or do the shopping online, you must know a thing or two about their types. You can get confused with the full range of options that are available for you.


However, the factors that should guide you is your budget, your comfort and hygiene choices, and the kind of support the mattress topper provides to your body. You can try and pick one of the following –


Memory Foam Gel Toppers: Toppers made with memory foam are recommended for the best comfort and total body support. The memory foam material is known to improve circulation. The topper aids in reducing pressure points in the body. The other advantage of such a topper is that it can be used on any kind of mattress. As toppers are lighter than mattresses, they can be used on top of couches or even on the floor.


Natural Latex Mattress Toppers: This type of topper is recommended for those who like a firmer area to rest their bodies. This holds the body tightly and adds years of longevity to the mattress. Customers can customize these toppers as per their comfort level. They are antimicrobial and made with natural material. Sleeping on this surface will not generate heat as the latex offers free air circulation.


Cool Gel Memory Foam: While some complain that memory foam toppers can generate heat, there is an option to switch to cool gel memory foam. These are thicker, available in 2-3 inches, and they provide extra padding to the body. This is also recommended for those who want additional support to pressure points. This topper does not have any toxic filler or any odour. It is durable, and it does not sag.


Standard Medium Foam: As the name suggests, this topper has medium-density foam. Other than cushioning your mattress, it can be used as upholstery, or for baby mattresses. This can be used with durries when you are organizing an outdoor party or picnic. However, it may be noted that this material is suitable for temporary use. Long term use is not recommended here. This foam comes in various thicknesses options – from two 2-6 inches thick. So you can customize it within this range for your use.


Premium Medium Foam: If you’re looking for something firmer to support your body, then go for Premium medium foam. This has medium high-density. It is advised for those who are looking for support, comfort, and durability. This variety, too, has dual-usage – it can be used as a seat cushion. You don’t have to trust us, you can try it for yourself.


Luxury-Firm Foam: The foam in this type of topper is high-density, which also makes it firmer. It is recommended for beds, seat cushions, and even on massage tables. While this type offers support, it is also bought for its durability. The highly dense structure makes it long-lasting and adds rubber-like quality, where the foam continues to retain its original shape.


These are some of the options you have. While you can read about them online before you go shopping, else you can also quiz the salesperson in the store.


While we are driven by the best price offered and affordability quotient, you must check the thickness of the topper. You may also note that these toppers are cheaper and can be easily replaceable, unlike the mattress.


Ask the store if the products can be used for dual purposes. Check the thickness of the material. Opt for a material that does not generate heat. The fabric used in them should be natural, eco-friendly and easily washable. Check how you can maintain them.


Remember that when you’re buying toppers, make sure the stuffed material is odourless, lighter, does not have any carcinogenic chemicals and are non-polluting in nature.


Check different stores to see which is a popular choice among customers. So what’s stopping you from indulging yourself with a super comfy mattress topper? If you have body ache or sleep in a different position, select a topper that supports your body.

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