How to choose the correct wheels for your trailer

For any road trip, you must have the right tires on your vehicle. Still, it is also essential that you have the appropriate trailer wheels, regardless of whether you are pulling a camper, fifth wheel, boat or utility trailer. 

This article has gathered some brief caravan tyre advice to assist you in avoiding problems and selecting the appropriate trailer wheels for your requirements.

How to choose which trailer tires are best for you?

Tires for boat trailers

Your boat trailer’s tires are important. Light truck tires (LT) and special trailer tires (ST) are interchangeable with those used on travel trailers. ST tires are the greatest option because of their capacity to bear big loads, decrease wobbling, and increase stability.

Tires for trailer travel and fifth wheels

Depending on your demands, the vehicle you drive, and the trailer you plan to pull, the experts may advise whether you should get ST (Special Trailer) or LT (Light Truck) tires.

Tires for utility and livestock trailers

Trailer tires are important whether you use your trailer for business or play, hauling your favorite pet or UTV, ATV, snowmobile, or dirt bike. So, choose the wheels that can serve you well and help you drive smoothly without facing any difficulty on the road.

Appropriate size

Both the loads that are carried and the speeds at which they are hauled require the wheels and tires to be of an appropriate size. It doesn’t matter if you’re hauling a horse trailer, a boat trailer, or just a lot of camping gear—knowing the ATM and tear of your trailer is necessary. Excessive use that causes overheating accelerates wear and tear and can even produce a rupture. 

A compliance plate will indicate the greatest diameter of rims and tires. The caravan can safely transport if it is less than ten years old.

Mathematical gamble


Tires vary from one another in terms of tread design, rubber composition, width, sidewall height, and maximum speed. The sidewall has a series of numbers and letters, like 165/60 R15 91H, identifying the brand.


Consider a few things if you’re considering swapping out for some new, bigger, or custom trailer wheels. Please make sure they are compatible with the caravan hub. The axles and springs may be overtaxed if you upgrade to a larger rim and tire size. If you upgrade the trailer’s wheels to something bigger, the trailer may not sit flush with the tow vehicle. 

Verify the rules 

If you’re planning something out of the ordinary, such as towing a caravan that isn’t compliant or roadworthy, you should review the restrictions outlined in the official transpirational books. 

Check your insurance policy before making changes, such as installing aftermarket parts like rims and tires. 


Getting new tires from Atlantic Products for your caravan is not always as simple as it sounds. Talking to a tire reseller about your possibilities is a good idea unless you plan on purchasing identical replacements.