How to Choose the Best Waterproof Power Connector for Secure Connections?

Consumers must identify the precise type of connector that meets the figure and electrical requirements of their electronics. But the problem remains constant: the risk of exposure to moisture and dust. Securing connections is always a problem for homeowners. If finding the best waterproof power connector is what you are worried about, then you have come to the right spot. Here I will talk about choosing the best waterproof power connector for a secure connection. These connectors are primarily utilized for energy transfer, and they do it brilliantly. Let’s find more about them. 

Importance of waterproof function of power connector

A waterproof power connector is a pivotal link between a device and its powerful force. Power connectors are what you plug into the wall outlet in consumer widgets. In other words, a power connector is a tool that allows an electrical current to pass through them to supply electricity to a device. Although it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as with a variety of capabilities, options, and accessories, the goal of a power connector is always the same: to provide electricity. The best feature of a good power connector is the waterproof functionality that keeps the device safe from the hazards of water. In addition to the waterproof function, the tool is also highly resistant to dust and other particles. 

Know about waterproof grade

What is an IP rating?

The Ingress Protection (IP) Code called International Protection Rating consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. The first digit represents the solids rating, and the second digit shows the liquids rating. The goal of the standard waterproof power connector manufacturers is to offer degrees of protection to consumers with more specific information.

The typical types of IP rating

Every electric appliance has an IP rating based on its features and functionalities. There are many types of IP ratings. The most typical types of IP ratings are listed below. 

  • IP44

This IP product will be protected from solid particles larger than 1mm in size as well as low-velocity water sprays from all directions if it has an IP44 rating. IP44 rating is not waterproof. 

  • IP65

This IP is certified as “dust tight” and shielded from water sprayed from a nozzle. IP65 rating electric appliances have sufficient water resistance capacity. 

  • IP66

This IP is “dust tight” and shielded from rough seas or forceful water jets. IP66 is protected against immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 150-1000mm. 

  • IP67

IP67 Enclosures as dust-tight and water-resistant. This type of IP rating is most common in the connectivity market. It has complete protection against dust and sand, while it can work properly for 30 minutes underwater of the depth 15cm-1m. 

  • IP68

IP certified as “dust tight” and resistant to complete, continuous submersion in water. 


Applications of waterproof power connector

Waterproof circular power connectors have a variety of uses. A waterproof power connector is a large and diversified category of goods that are designed to work in a wide range of applications and situations.

Outdoor lighting is an excellent example of an application requiring waterproof connectors to protect the equipment and connector. IP65 is the minimum recommended sealing rating.

Autoclaves are a common sterilization technology seen in medical facilities and laboratories. As a result, connectors manufacturers identify products that aren’t affected by thermal expansion or water absorption. IP68 is the recommended minimum sealing rating. For decades, waterproof power connectors have been researched and developed for deep seawater immersion. The other applications include healthcare, transportation, electronic equipment, and many other areas. 

Tips for selecting a power connector

High-power waterproof power connectors play an important role in delivering high-reliability performance in a variety of applications. When selecting a high-power connector, be sure that its electrical and technical parameters fulfill the criteria for maximum data performance. The connector’s power rating is an important spec to pay attention to. The mechanical qualities of any high-power connector are just as crucial as its electrical specs. This includes the device’s dimensions, measurements, and design features. Suppose you cannot research on your own. Let me simplify it for you. The Weipu waterproof power connector is the most reliable power connector you can find in the market. 

PLUG WITH METAL CLAMPING -NUT: WY TE IP67 and its advantages 

If you need a custom waterproof power connector for your application, use Weipu’s products. Weipu offers a diverse selection of products. Let me introduce you to a very innovative product by Weipu, i.e., the WY-TE IP67 waterproof power connector. This product has several benefits, including:

  • It has a metal clamping nut and an inline receptacle: ZE IP67
  • It is compatible with the following metal clamping nut: TE IP67
  • This product has an angled back shell and a metal clamping nut: TU IP 66


Weipu has developed to become a prominent company in China’s waterproof power connector industry since its founding in 1996. Their products can be found on a variety of machines, equipment, communications, lighting, railways, and ships. They have an experienced R&D team, a highly qualified workforce, up-to-date machinery, and a fully equipped in-house testing lab. They employ ISO9001 ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS)  in production and hold patents on their products and technologies. The high-quality technical and sales team ensures that communication is received accurately and that your problems are resolved quickly.