How To Choose The Best Vehicle Shipping Company

When it comes to transporting vehicles, whether you are a company, a dealership, or an individual moving across the country or overseas, it is necessary to work with a reputable vehicle shipping company.  

It may seem challenging to arrange long-distance shipping of one or more vehicles, but you can discover a company that will deliver outstanding vehicle shipping services at an affordable price, taking the stress out of the task. This guide will share valuable tips on selecting the best vehicle shipping company.  

How To Choose The Best Vehicle Shipping Company?

If you are a first-timer, finding a reliable company that provides competitive prices and high-quality service for shipping your car(s) may be difficult. Regrettably, vehicle shipping is plagued by scammers. 

Only a few companies can provide top-notch services. You can enhance your chances of selecting a professional and trustworthy cross-country vehicle shipping company by doing the following things:

  • Determine Your Needs 

Determining your needs is the primary step in picking a vehicle shipping company. For instance, determine whether you need your vehicle shipped just a few states away or across the country. Do you need enclosed transport for luxury automobiles, or will open transport be adequate? 

You can narrow your search by answering these queries and discover a company that can fulfill your unique requirements. Here are the most common vehicle transport needs:

  • Across the country, state-to-state, or international vehicle shipping
  • Door-to-door, door-to-terminal, or terminal to terminal
  • Enclosed or open transport 
  • Research Vehicle Shipping Companies

Once you have a clear idea of your needs, it is time to research vehicle transport companies. Seek companies that specialize in the specific type of shipping you need and have a proven track record of success. 

An excellent starting point for your research is to visit websites such as Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Safety, and Better Business Bureau. These websites will aid you in verifying if the company has a valid license and insurance. 

Ensure that the companies you are considering have acquired registration from FMCSA and possess a valid DOT number. Verify they have liability and cargo insurance to safeguard your automobile(s) during shipping.  

When obtaining a quote, it is recommended to inquire about it from the company. Insurance coverage is crucial to protect against mishaps or damage that may occur during shipping.

  • Read Reviews And Check References

To gain insights into a company’s reputation and track record, it is an excellent idea to read reviews and check references. Look for reviews on sites such as Angie’s List, Transport Reviews, Facebook, Eagle Eye, etc., and don’t hesitate to request references directly from the company. 

Speaking with past customers can provide insights into their experience and the overall quality of the company’s services.

  • Compare Prices And Services

After narrowing your search to a few companies, compare services and prices. Obtain quotes from each auto transport company and compare them warily, considering both the level of service you anticipate and the type of transport you need. 

Some companies will specialize in specific kinds of automobiles, such as luxury vehicles for dealerships, while others concentrate on individuals and transporting their vehicles across the country. Be cautious of companies offering lower car delivery service costs than others, as this could be a red flag for hidden charges or subpar service. 

  • Inquire About The Shipping Process  

When engaging with an auto shipping company, asking questions related to your particular shipment is vital. Here are a few questions you can ask the company you want to use:

  • What is the estimated timeframe for my vehicle (s) pickup and delivery?
  • Do they offer uncovered or covered carrier options?  
  • How does the process of scheduling an automobile pickup work?
  • What vehicle delivery options do they provide?

Ensure you know who is actually transporting your vehicle. In many cases, the first individual you communicate with at the company is a broker and might not even be associated with the company you plan to use. It is advisable to choose only those companies and brokers representing themselves, not a third party.

  • Know The Terms And Conditions

Read the terms and conditions of the company you are interested in using. You must be comfortable with what they have outlined in the contract. You should be mindful of any extra shipping vehicle cost that is not included in the original quote. If there is any additional cost to ship a vehicle, it should be clearly stated on your contract. 


Shipping an automobile can be difficult, but investing time in researching the right company will make the experience smoother and less stressful. 

It is recommended to have an expert mechanic inspect your vehicle before transporting it to ensure there are no underlying issues before entrusting it to a third party. 

Then, if it reaches its destination damaged, you have evidence that the damage occurred during the transportation procedure. 

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