How to choose the best username on Instagram?

Choosing a username for Instagram is one of the most important things you can do when you first log in to this social network, and it is always very difficult for users to choose the best Username. People who are similar to your name, or people who are accustomed to choosing and occupying specific and pure usernames.

In the continuation of this article on Folwos site, we will examine how to choose the best username on Instagram, so stay tuned with us at Folwos.

How to choose the best username on Instagram?

Your Instagram account name or your Instagram username is actually exactly what you want to be known by and you are actually addressed on this social network.

A good username or an attractive and effective username on Instagram will pave the way for branding and popularity for you. Your username is your identity for your followers on Instagram , your follower users will recognize your page by this name and will follow you on social networks with that name.

To attract an audience to your Instagram page, our username must be appropriate, attractive and appropriate for our page and business. In other words, our username should be easy to understand at first, then easy to find on social networks and Instagram. For example, usernames that come with several unidentified symbols may have a special meaning for users, but it is difficult to find them here.

Use the appropriate username on Instagram

We should always try to strike a balance between the beauty of the name and the simplicity of finding the name by the users. In addition to these two things, the usability of the username for the Instagram page is another thing that we must be very careful about. For a formal or personal page, light and insignificant names should not be given. For page fan and humor, it is better to put names of the same weight and mix our username with humor and fan.

Having trouble choosing the best username?

Get help from close friends or acquaintances. Write down some of the usernames you want on a piece of paper or on the phone’s notepad and show them to your close friends or family, ask for their opinions and consult.

Avoid choosing very hard or weird usernames Hard or very weird usernames can sometimes affect the minds of your users and they can easily distinguish it from other similar accounts. But the problem is that searching for this username on Instagram becomes difficult and fewer users can easily find you.

On the other hand, if you are sure of your username and you think you have a valuable brand, trust your sixth sense. Sixth sense is often right!

What parameters can we consider in choosing a name?

In the continuation of this article, we will review the parameters and items that we can consider in choosing a name on the Folwos Follower shopping site , and we will explain it to you in detail.

Use a small name

You can use your first name or nickname for your Instagram page name. For example, Chloe or William (of course, this is if you want to have a personal brand). Small names are very short and are quickly understood and identified by the user, in the future your users can easily access your page by typing your short name.

Do not use duplicate letters

Some people, due to the choice of their name in other pages and the fact that their username is occupied, try to put a few duplicate letters on their desired name and in this way try to have the desired username to some extent.

This big mistake can even cause you to not remember your username and username correctly, and you are always giving additional explanations for your username to introduce your page.

Do not use a username with duplicate letters on Instagram

Do not forget that “your name will remember the audience, not the number of duplicate letters!”

For example, a person named Austin uses Aauusstiin when he sees that the username has been used by someone else, and this type of username usage makes it difficult for your audience to easily remember your username.

Interestingly, many sites prefer to use duplicate names with unique and meaningful names and advise their audiences to use duplicate names for convenience. But we at Folwos advise you to pay enough attention to this and try not to use duplicate letters in your username.

Use of compound names and aliases

Using compound and alias names can help you in choosing your username in creative ways. For example themoein, or


Using nicknames that people know you best can be very, very effective. For example, American actor Dwayne Johnson, known as rock, has chosen his Instagram username Therock. A combination of his nickname and an impressive reference word that will stay in the memory.

Use of domain and website extension in Instagram username

Another choice you can make for your username is to use part of your site domain or use the domain of your company and business site on your username’s Instagram page. This can be used more for training sites that have chosen specific domains for themselves or work in a specific field of work. For example, if you have a programming school business and your site is registered with .academy, you can use it on your Instagram username:


In this article on the Folwos site, we tried to talk to you about how to choose the best username on Instagram and explain how to do it. In another part of this article, we also talked about the parameters that you can use to select your username, and we explained each of them in detail and gave some examples. We hope this article has been able to help you choose the best username on Instagram.