How to Choose the Best Room Air Conditioners?

Many appliances make our life comfortable, and room air conditioners are one of them. Previously, people considered air conditioners a luxury item, but this is not the case anymore. As the people’s living standards improved, they became a necessity. Therefore, with the start of the summer season, people ensure that their old air conditioners are properly maintained. While those who are yet to purchase an ac also contemplate buying one. 

If you are planning to buy an air conditioner, this article can help you choose the right one. Before you select an appropriate model, you need to do a little research about different types of buy Usually, there are two types of air conditioners in India – Window type and Split type. 

Pros and Cons of Window AC

Easy to Install

In India, people usually prefer Window room air conditioners for home use. There are many reasons for it. Such air conditioners have been used for over fifty years and have more than proved their worth. They are also very easy to install and don’t need many accessories like the Split ac. Installing these air conditioners is so easy that even an unskilled mechanic can do it. In a Window air conditioner, all parts are in one unit, and you only need a window to fix it. 

Window AC is Cheaper

Price-wise, they are far more affordable than Split ACs. For example, 1-ton Window type room air conditioners of a good brand are available for Rs 23,000.00. But the Split AC of the same capacity will cost you more than Rs 32,000.00. Many companies are offering a free companies along with the Window AC. 

Similarly, 1.5-ton Window AC from Samsung, Voltas, and Panasonic is available for Rs 30,000.00, but for a Split AC of the same capacity, you will have to pay more than Rs 45,000.00. The repair charges and spare parts for a Window room air conditioner are also very less than Split AC. 

Window AC Consume more Electricity.

However, since Window ACs use old technology, it consumes more Electricity than Split models. It is an ongoing expense that you have to incur every month. As the name suggests, you cannot install a Window air conditioner in a room that doesn’t have a window. For such places, Split ACs are the only option; unlike Split ACs, which are virtually silent operating machines, window air conditioners also make much noise. Therefore, for bedrooms, people usually purchase Split models. 

How to Maintain Window AC?

You should only contact the authorized dealer to install room air conditioners. It’s very important to maintain and clean your AC regularly. Always follow the instruction manual to clean the filter and other components of the air conditioner. Don’t connect your AC directly to the power point because voltage fluctuation may damage your unit. Use an AC stabilizer of a good brand. 

Additional features are Important.

It would be best to buy only room air conditioners with additional features. Nowadays, there are many useful features to attract consumers. Such features include Sleep Mode, auto-cleaning feature to prevent moisture, 4-way swing, Quick Cool, and Jet Cool. Some models also boast features that keep mosquitoes away. Besides looking for features, you should also read the reviews of existing users. 

It would be best if you also did a bit of research about the brand’s history and its after-sales service before buying an AC. An AC is a kind of appliance that requires regular servicing by professionals. If you are planning to buy an AC from a brand that does not have a reliable servicing network and after sales, you should look at other options.

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