How to Choose the Best Robotic Vacuum for Your Home?

Are you thinking of buying a smart appliance and do you know where to start looking? Do not worry; these appliances can be very useful. Here are some tips so that you know how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for the house.

Few hours a day is not left to organize the house, after work and if families have children, they have some time left. What they want is not to start cleaning but to rest or go to the gym or the cinema, for example. For this reason, a robot vacuum cleaner is a great ally, since it effortlessly keeps the floor clean, such as Dreame robot vacuum

Dust, your pet’s hair, sand and any other type of dirt will be at bay without you having to worry daily. However, having a robot vacuum cleaner does not mean that you no longer have to clean the floor. The device does perform maintenance, but you will need to do some personal cleaning regularly to remove anything the appliance has missed.

If you have decided to get this appliance, you will surely have many questions to choose the model that best suits your needs. Currently there are many alternatives on the market, with different characteristics and prices. Here we explain everything you have to take into account to make your choice right, so pay attention to this guide to buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

Initial considerations

Before starting the search for the perfect robot vacuum cleaner for you, the first thing you have to do is evaluate what your needs are. Keep in mind the following points:

  • Materials of your floors: are they generally hard or do you have a lot of rugs or carpets?
  • Size of your house: if your home has a large surface, the autonomy of the battery is a factor that you will have to take into account.
  • Budget: define how much money you want to spend. 
  • Pets: if you have animals at home, you will have to look for specific models specialized in collecting hairs.

Suction power

The suction power is one of the factors that you have to take into account when choosing your smart vacuum cleaner. If the material of your floors is hard, such as wood, marble, ceramic or stone, you can afford a lower power, but if you have rugs or carpets you will need the appliance to be able to adapt the suction for this surface.

The suction capacity of smart robots is measured in Pascal (Pa) and it is a piece of information that you can see in the technical specifications of the model. Make sure that the product description indicates that it is capable of vacuuming thick or long-haired carpets. 

Brushes and filters

Another factor that you have to look at is the characteristics of the brushes and filters, since depending on your needs some types or others will suit you. 

With central rotating brush, Central brush models are especially recommended for homes with carpets and hard floors. This accessory is most effective at removing dirt from carpet and carpet fibers, and it also has the ability to brush hard floors better. However, they are not suitable for houses with pets. 

No central rotary brush. The special models for cleaning pet hair do not have the central rotating brush, and instead have an opening that collects the hairs preventing them from getting tangled in the brush.

HEPA filter. If you have pets or there are allergy sufferers at home, it is important that the robot vacuum cleaner incorporates a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which guarantees that 100% of dust and hair are removed. This is possible thanks to the incorporation of a glass fiber mesh that prevents the spread of bacteria and mites.

Mop to increase the cleaning efficiency after vacuuming the main layer of dirt. In addition, some include a small water tank that is responsible for moistening the mop to better grip the dust. 

Navigation and cleaning pattern

Make sure that the robot vacuum cleaner model you choose has an intelligent navigation system to map the different rooms and establish a suitable cleaning pattern. For this, it is necessary that you equip various sensors that allow you to make a map of your home, detect the space that the furniture occupies and avoid obstacles that may be found in your way.

The most advanced models also have systems that allow them to detect the dirtiest areas that need a more thorough cleaning.