How to Choose the Best Pull Out Kitchen Bins

Pull out kitchen bins are popular across modern and traditional kitchens. Pull out kitchen bins use a tilt-out or slide-out mechanism facilitating convenient kitchen waste disposal and segregation. It assists you to effectively manage your kitchen waste and enjoy the clean, hygienic and organised kitchen.

The Art of Choosing the Best Kitchen Waste Bins

Kitchen Bin Size & Capacity

Kitchen waste bins available in various sizes and it’s essential to choose one that fits conveniently inside your cabinet unit. If your house generates more waste, select a larger cabinet for your pull out bin installation, so you will have to make fewer trips to your outside bin.

How Many Chambers Do You Need in Your Kitchen Waste Bin?

Kitchen waste bins come in different sizes, and with a maximum of four chambers, each chamber gets a tag for accumulating the type of waste. This aspect makes them an excellent tool for separating and recycling waste.

In case you do not have an idea about the number of chambers you need in the kitchen waste bin, it’s better to check the recycling rules in your area. Some areas facilitate segregating the recyclable and non-recyclable materials while some may have stringent standards.

What Style You’re Looking for in Your Kitchen Waste Bins?

Kitchen Waste Bins for Cabinets

Integrated waste bins for kitchen cabinets are available with pull-out and hinged doors. Typically, the waste bins must be a perfect fit for the cabinets internal width as runners positioned on both sides. Kitchen bins attached to the pull-out door facilitate for convenient access with one smooth pull.

Surface-Mounted Waste Bins

Surface-mounted bins made to fit flat into workstation surfaces. These are perfect for busy cooks who have to work with waste quickly and resourcefully. This kind of waste bin facilitates cooks to clear out their workspace with a simple wipe, discarding the accumulated waste straight into the kitchen bin. Surface-mounted kitchen bins retrofitted to suit any benchtop surface and tweaked into waste slides that would run into a larger waste bin placed in a lower cabinet.

Waste Bins for Drawers

Drawer-based waste bins are ideal for using your kitchen space prudently. Highly functional, practical, ergonomic drawer-based waste bins are fantastic for deep pan drawers wherein you can create an extra shelf for added storage.

Why You Need Slide Out Bins for Kitchen Waste?


Pull-out or slide-out bins are a hygienic option than a waste bin that remains open all the time. Besides, pull-out kitchen bins remain hidden offering a neat and clean ambience. While your waste stays hidden in the cabinet, human exposure to potentially harmful bacteria substantially reduced. Thus, you and your family get a clean and hygienic kitchen and dining space.

Clever Storage

Installing a pull-out or slide-out kitchen bin is an excellent way to integrate smart storage into your kitchen. It’s a modern and practical solution that can help manage with your household waste effectively. You can pull-out a hidden waste bin with one hand and slide it back with the utmost ease.

Visual Appeal

Ordinary waste bins look ugly and can spoil the aesthetics of your kitchen and occupy the crucial space. With a pull out waste bin in place, you can get clean, organised, spacious and better-looking visual appeal for preparing your meals.

Waste Separation Simplified

Recycling has never been so crucial; thus, it is essential to have a kitchen bin that makes waste separation effortless.

Final Words

A high-quality and durable pull-out kitchen bin system provide excellent value for your money. Stay away from substandard products that come with light-weight plastic bins that can break easily or frames that are weak and can’t support the weight of the fully-packed waste bins or bad quality runners.