How to Choose the Best Payroll Service Provider for your Business

With the introduction of new tax reforms and the rise of changing economy, it has become essential to consider converting your conventional payroll services to cloud base automated payroll software.

Switching to a new service should be done after careful analysis of the software that can be easily streamlined with the company’s current process and meet their challenging needs. Well-chosen payroll service can minimize manual work providing you the maximum efficiency. A timely transition to the exemplary online payroll service can save you from the errors an HR can make in complex calculations and smoothly tackle all human resource activities.

1. Data Conversion

One of the most important and crucial to any business is data conversion on a new payroll system. One must check the payroll software capability to export all the employee data smoothly from the old database without missing any critical employee information. For successful data conversion, you first need to pull out the employee data files on your computer to a safe place and import it to ADP Payroll online solution in just a few easy steps. Make sure the files are approved and good to go for the conversion. A centralized database helps in efficient data conversion of all the core HR activities in a company.

2. Data Integration

Many large companies are running on old payroll software because company’s data like account ledgers, general ledgers, income tax rates, and other details are perfectly secured there. Although their data is guarded, it takes a lot of human intervention to create reports and pull out office use data. While choosing any payroll software for your company, you must check if these files and data can be easily integrated with the online payroll services and show accurate results when demanded. Integrate your HR data with ADP Payroll online solutions to get rid of redundant data, in-time reporting, and flexibility to extract data from one app to import data in other targeted apps and, most importantly, to reduced human errors.

3. Compliance with Payroll Tax Management

Companies are struggling to update the frequently changing employment laws and regulations in their traditional system, making it hard for the HR department to keep each employee posted. Usually, the payroll provider renews the payroll tax compliance rules to keep it updated for the financial year’s processing. It is either updated manually in the excel spreadsheet or done by experts from the payroll provider. Checking the compliance team and how the integration will be done is crucial, and you must see that the selected payroll software does everything from handling payroll tax, tax filings, and payments. To prepare companies for the next financial year, many reputed companies update their clients’ federal tax tables in the software at the start of the year.

4. Customer Support

Customer service from an online payroll service is a critical factor to either make it or break it for both company and the provider. Having around-the-clock support from technical executives to resolve your issues makes an online payroll provider a reliable and trusted partner. Always check the service support timings and the level of customer support promised by the payroll service. Prepare the list of questions before finalizing the payroll service provider like:

•              Does your staff well trained to handle client requests?

•              Will the customer care executive available 24×7?

•              Do they speak English, and what other languages can they work in?

•              What are their professional qualifications and certification do they have?


Automation of manual work has become crucial to each industry to drive the company growth to the next level. It would be best if you kept in mind the business needs and the factors discussed here before selecting any payroll provider for the company. Be open to embrace the latest technology and clear with your requirements so that you can get maximum results from your human resource department and fewer human errors. Always ask a single point of contact from the payroll provider to resolve your issues, if any, when needed. A perfect solution should be able to convert, integrate, migrate data comfortably and support you dedicatedly at all times.