How to Choose the Best Motherboard for Gaming 2021

Many gamers wonder how they can get a Best motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X that would has a favorable game result. It is no other than 3D games that are so demanding on performance and consumes so much system resource. When purchasing a gaming motherboard, we have to take several factors into consideration.

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) on the motherboard

As the prerequisite for a stable operation of a motherboard, the layout of PCB traces and various types of electronic components is very important. Considering the shield of PCB lines and signals interference, nice traces should let all the lines on the PCB board distribute uniformly.

A best motherboard should use a 6-layer PCB board with steady color, smooth finish as well as neat welding and regular arrays of all parts, or else instability and faults would frequently occur when overclocking the motherboard.

Supply circuit

Good few gamers prefer high-frequent and high-powered CPU, which would consume lots of energy even when working in the default frequency, let alone overclocking. For example, the maximum current of present Prescott core P4 has already reached 91A, power consumption is close to or over 100W. Thus, you need a motherboard that can supply enough power and stable voltage to ensure a smooth system.

Motherboard overclocking

Presently a great many motherboard manufacturers have done quite a lot of user-friendly overclocking researches for their products. Famous brands like Intel, ASUS and GIGABYTE etc., generally will offer hard jumpers, BIOS settings combining with specific overclocking software, which have made your overclocking much simpler.


Overclocking overloads the CPU and that would make it at risk. Try to nit this sort of risks in the bud, motherboard makers are competing against each other to launch their new technology such as ASUS AI Overclocking and C.P.R overclocking protection tool, etc.


Game’s requirement for hardware is advanced with times. Currently, motherboard has a strong expansibility which can support all functions of the dominant products, players can add a SLI video card to further its 3D graphics performance or upgrade to ATHLON64 X2 dual-core processors depending on their needs in the future.

Multi-channel capability

As a motherboard targeting the game market, it should indispensably compose a superior audio system. DOOM3 brings you to a breathing scene that already on a par with home theatre. If you are using a 5.1 audio system, after making full use of it, I believe you will have a fire-new DOOM3: monsters come to you and howl from all directions — as DOOM3 positions audio extremely accurately, players only need to target where sounds from and fire. It can be said that your game is not a perfect one when the surround sound in DOOMS is disabled! Fortunately, nowadays gaming motherboards are able to support six or eight-channel outputs and High-Definition Audio, what we need is to buy a speaker over the 5.1 standard.


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