How to Choose the Best Journal for Your Academic Research?

The process regarding selection of the best journal for your academic research is always confusing and complex. These days you can find a lot of journals. This makes it hard for you to choose the relevant, and good journals for your academic research. It also becomes hard for you to choose a journal that is study-specific. It is of great importance to locate where you will publish your academic research. You have to assess which journal will be best suited for the publishing of your research as well. Different journals are good for different types of study areas. In this context you have to ensure that your research fulfils the requirements a journal demands for publishing your academic research. In this article, you can find some general tips regarding the choice of best journal for your research.

Create a List of Journals in Your Area of Research

Choice of the right journal for publishing your academic research is important because it affects the productivity of your research. You should not go for some random journal for your research. Choose the journal wisely. Take your time, and decide which journal your research will be most suitable for. Make a list of the journal within which you can publish your research. Now collect information about these journals. This aspect of collecting information about the journal in your field of research is crucial. You can ask for advice from your peers and colleagues as well for this. Search as much as you can. Look at the professional association. This is because it will aid you in the selection of a good journal.

Assess the Impact of the Journal

After making this list of journals that you can publish your research in, you have to choose one of them. For this, look at the impact that each journal has in the area of your research. You can use quantitative measures for assessing the impact of the journal. This is the one in which you want to publish your academic research. Check the impact factor, article influence, index, and journal ranks of these journals. It is affected by citation rate for the articles that were published in that journal. Analysing the impact of the journal will help you a lot in making the right choice.

Read the Policies, and Needs of the Journal

Simply checking the impact of the journal is not enough. This is because you have to check its relevance with your area of research as well. You should get asses whether the scope and policies match the needs of your research or not. To be mentally ready for situations that can occur during the submission and review, check other researches published in the journal. It will give you a good insight into the publication of the journal. It will also help you in selecting the most suited journal for your academic research.

Assess the Requirements, and Distribution of the Journal

Most of the time, the journal has a style for the research published in it. The journals are also consistent with their requirements, and needs. The way of distribution, and frequency of subscribers assess the reach of journals too. You can estimate the readers of your academic research if you estimate the number of readers regarding open-access article of this journal. It means that this will be the audience of your research.

Collect Information on Peer Review of the Journal

You cannot just, after making a list and checking for rank, needs, and policies, select the best journal for your academic research. You should get some information about the peer review process for journals as well. Look at the timelines, stature of the reviewers, and objectivity for the journal. Collect information about these journals. Get the rejection rates, or their actual values as well for making better assessments. These days, competitive academic writers are working to help you with your researches. They provide all types of aid for your research process too. You can also look for PhD dissertation writing help if you need help in this context.

Look at the Instructions for Authors

If you take the above-mentioned tips into account, you can choose a good journal for your academic research. But you should not forget reading the instructions for author in the journal you’re going to select for your research’s publication. This is because it has additional information that you need to read, and follow.

On the whole, you can follow the following tips to select the best journal for your research. You just have to go through the list of journals within which you can publish your work and have to follow these steps. If you do so, you’ll be able to reach your desired journal acquiring goal for sure.