How To Choose the Best Electric Dab Rig?

Electric dab rigs are available on the market with various features. This is why choosing the best model can be difficult. You must consider your experience, the rig’s versatility, and other features before getting it.

If you’re wondering how to choose the best electric dab rig, especially the cheap erig under $100, you’re in the right place. Here are the top things you must consider to buy the top product for a hassle-free dabbing experience.

1. Your Dabbing Frequency

An electric dab rig is designed to suit various users, depending on the dabbing frequency. Considering this factor will allow you to easily choose the best model. If you don’t indulge in frequent dabbing, a smaller, portable erig will suit your puffing needs.

However, if you frequently dab, a proper dabbing rig setup is necessary for the best experience. Such a product will also be more cost effective and help you save money in the long term. Another feature that you must consider is the battery life.

Investing in a rig that allows you to change the batteries is better because you can enjoy a higher lifespan. You will also not experience downtime because of the electric rig’s charging time.

2. Type Of Mini Dab Rig

Another thing you must remember when choosing the best erig is the different types on the market. The models are designed to suit the lifestyles of various people. So you must know your needs before buying a specific product.

If you need a portable dab rig that can easily be carried, you can invest in a dab vaporizer combination. Meanwhile, a sturdy setup is necessary if you host many people at your place for dabbing. You may also fall into an intermediate lifestyle, so a medium-sized rig may be helpful.

A medium electric dab rig will have some portability due to its smaller size. It will also allow you to accommodate more people in a single dabbing session. Another type you can consider buying is a micro rig. This is suitable if you want to dab discreetly.

3. Material You Will Use

The material you will use with the rig is necessary to consider because it affects your overall experience significantly. Concentrations for the setup come in various forms and names. However, the primary options are oils and waxes.

Some small erigs are also compatible with vaporizing various types of concentrations. For instance, you can use advanced models for oil, cannabis flower, waxes, and crystallized THC. This is why knowing the material you will use with the rig is essential before buying a setup.

The material you will use will help you choose the most compatible model. It will also allow you to understand the rig’s specifications better.

4. Heating Features

The heating features of an electric rig must be considered before buying any one model. This is because the temperature will affect your dabbing experience and time for dabbing. Typically, models can operate from 250 to 1,000 degrees.

You must remember that the exact temperature value depends on the material you will use with the rig. It is best to invest in a model that allows you to change the heating temperature. This will allow you to dab using various materials without any issues.

Another thing you must ensure is that your electric dab rig heats quickly. It should be within seconds so that you can enjoy dabbing promptly. Fast heating features are also the top thing that makes electric rigs better than traditional options.

5. Battery Life

Battery life is an essential factor to consider when choosing the best electric dab rig. This is because it will determine the overall time of your session. It will also decide how many times you can dab in one single charge. All these things will affect your overall experience and impact the rig’s versatility.

If the rig’s battery is small, it will require frequent charging, and the item may not have the capability to heat the material quickly. This is why it is better to invest in a model with a larger battery. Such a product will last for a longer time and heat more quickly than small rigs.

You should also check whether the battery is removable. This can allow you to avoid downtime by having multiple batteries. You can replace one model with another while the original battery charges.

6. Cleaning Features

Cleaning features of the electric dab rig under $100 are necessary to consider because they will affect your overall experience. It will help you enjoy one specific material more easily because no residues from your previous dabbing session will be present in a clean rig. A model that is easy to clean must be your top priority for a better experience.

You can also invest in advanced products with self-cleaning features to save time. This is also preferable if you don’t like to clean your dabbing rigs manually. A clean model will help you enjoy the best flavor because of the lack of old residues.

So always ensure that your dabbing rig has the ability to burn residues from the previous session.

7. Budget

The final thing you must consider when getting the best electric dab rig is your budget. Many models at different prices are available on the market, depending on the features. Smaller rigs are cheap, but they may not offer high versatility and battery life.

Larger models are more difficult to carry and expensive, but they also offer a better experience. This is because you can vaporize multiple materials with large dabbing rigs. Such products also come with self-cleaning and removable batteries for easy handling.

You should also consider the brand name with the budget. Some companies offer better dab rigs under $50 than others because of their high experience in the industry.

Final Words

This is everything you need to know about how to choose the best electric dab ring. Before getting a specific model, you must consider your lifestyle, budget, dabbing frequency, and the rig’s features.

Investing in a product that will make your future dabbing sessions easier and help you enjoy the best flavor is essential.