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What is the best experience you’ve ever had with a dab rig? There are various ways to enjoy heating the oils and concentrates until you get to the electric part. You are getting rid of torches and we can see the convenience here.

On the other hand, not every electric dab rig will give the quality you expect. From how long you can enjoy the hitting experience to how you handle it, you need the best electric dab rig to solve it all.

We have a few points to discuss what makes an excellent electric dab rig before introducing you to the Waxmaid offer.

What Makes a Good Electric Dab Rig?

You want to smoke your concentrates in the most comfortable yet fashionable way. That is what the millennial age dictates. Making an electric dab rig has to consider the best smoking approach.

Waxmaid took time to build the best electric dab rig in the market and it gave us some points to share. As we look at what it’s made of, we will be expressing the opinions of what you should look at to get the best out of an electric dab rig.

Excellence of Features

The best electric dab rig needs to have everything you need to use and maintain it. Therefore, coming as the unit alone is never enough. If you look at the Waxmaid electric dab rig, it has all the accessories you need in a nice small bag.

The electric part is there with the mouthpiece, glass container, atomizer, carb cap, belt, percolator, dab, and cleaning tools. There is also a USB cable to charge it when the need arises.

That tells you that it comes with everything you need from using to carrying it. There is even an octopus container to store your dab. Therefore, purchasing it means having every tool to make good use of it.

As you choose an electric dab rig, ensure that all the necessary parts are included for ease of use.

Ease of Use

This is the part that makes you choose an electric dab rig or go for an alternative one. It should never be rocket science to use, and simplicity means that the masses will not have to struggle to figure it out.

For the Waxmaid type, the user manual is not complicated at all. Joining the parts is accessible from the PU bag, and it will not take more than a minute to assemble. Once you have the honeycomb percolator on the unit and then fix it on the glass container, the Ares dab rig becomes almost complete.

The rest only includes fixing the mouthpiece, the atomizer, and the carb cap at the top together with its belt. Charging the electric dab rig is via the USB cable, which has the micro type. Therefore, replacing the cable is easy.

There is one button for all functions, and they include turning on, choosing the best temperature mode, and turning off. A small light indicator below the button shows the selected temperature mode by either going green or yellow.

As you take the hits, an auto-sleep function shuts off the dab rig if it’s not in use. Therefore, power is conserved to aid in giving more hits and having more time using it than charging it. If it’s discharged, it will only need 2.5 hours to charge before giving you sixty uninterrupted sessions.


The best electric dab rig should be as portable as possible. It should never be stressful to carry it, and that’s why size and carrying mechanisms matter. If you look at the Waxmaid type, it’s only 6.5 inches tall.

If you don’t want to carry the bag, it can still fit in your pocket while on the move. Another portability aspect it displays is the long battery life. You get sixty sessions from the small dab rig, and it only takes 2.5 hours to charge it.

Therefore, it’s a unit that you can use for days without any worry. When disassembled, there is a bag to carry it. It has all the straps needed to hold everything in place. That removes the fear of knocking parts as you walk.

The bag is smell-proof, and it has a nice silicone handle that prevents sweaty arms as you hold it. To prevent falls from light knock-offs, the container at the bottom has a conical shape to increase the base area. You can rest it on a table, knowing that it will be steady all through.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This is another crucial aspect that determines how well you are going to enjoy the use. The best electric dab rig like Waxmaid Ares needs to have cleaning tools nearby. Also, it should not take the longest time to tidy up the rig, and that’s another addressed concern.

The best time to clean a dab rig is when it’s still warm since the collected resin can get out quickly then. For the Waxmaid, the same applies apart from the fact that there are Q-tips for the top part.

You can use them to clean out the atomizer and the bottom part too. The percolator and glass container are both dishwasher safe, and you can also use an alcohol solution mixed with salt for better results.

You can also clean the mouthpiece with soap and water, but it’s made of platinum-cured silicone, so don’t use the alcohol solution on it. It will corrode the silicone over time.


We hope the above points now direct you towards the best electric dab rig for your concentrate hits. By taking the Waxmaid Ares electric dab rig as an example, you now have an idea of what you should get from the choice you make.

If you decide to get the Ares, it will serve as the best example to present to friends who want an electric version of a vaporizer. More to that is that you will always have an excellent way to carry everything, thanks to the small portable bag with a suitcase opening design.

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