How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Blog?

Are you searching for tips to choose a perfect name for your website? If so, then you are at the right place. Finding a name for a domain is as hard as choosing a name for the baby. Isn’t it? However, in reality, the domain needs to be unique too. Otherwise, you will not be able to find an available domain.

Importance of a domain

A domain name is not just an address of your website. But it is much more.

  • The domain builds a brand name so it sets you different from your competitors.
  • The domain builds the first impression. The unique and attractive domains build positive impressions.
  • Easy to spell and type domains are memorable. Otherwise, people will forget the name while searching for your site.

What’s your blog about?

Before choosing any blog or domain name for your website, it is very important to choose the domain name accordingly. Choosing a domain without appropriate niche research is similar to purchasing a shop while you don’t know what you will sell there.

Domain names are cheaper and require no big investment. But why take the risk of purchasing the wrong domain? Therefore, choose a niche for your blog and then proceed further.

Tips to choose a good domain

Once you have selected a niche, planned the blog setup, then the first step is to purchase a domain and hosting. So, here are some tips to choose a good domain.

  • Share Benefit: Your domain can show the benefits of your blog. For example So that people can know that you will discuss or teach playing hockey.
  • Call Audience: Target the audience in the domain name. For example
  • Blog Topic: Domain can be the topic of your blog. For example Try to discover unique and creative names.
  • Your Identity: You can also use your identity or name as the domain of your website. Whereas, if you want to sell the blog then it is not a good idea.
  • Domain generator: Domain generators are online tools that generate free domain names for your website. It will find the available domains related to your keyword easily.

Try to make a list of a few domains that you like for your blog or website. Afterward, you can shortlist the ideas following the tips shared below.

  • The domain name must be short and easy to spell, type, and say.
  • It should not be longer than 20 letters because it’s not very attractive.
  • Avoid using misspelled, confusing combinations, and harder words. Because such domains are difficult to remember and the audience might land at the competitor’s site, resulting in business loss.
  • Hard-to-pronounce domains are usually forgetful. Therefore, avoid it. Because while sharing with other people you might forget the domain.
  • Domain should be unique, verify trademarked and brand names to avoid legal issues.
  • Hyphens are not good for domains, because while searching, visitors don’t use hyphens, thus they may reach another site having a similar name without the hyphen.
  • Using keywords in your domain is a good tool, but excessive use of keywords is not appropriate. So, avoid using more than two keywords.

Domain extensions

Usually, when people don’t find their favorite domain available. They moved towards the different domain extensions. For example, if is not available, then moving towards is not a good idea. Because the domain will lose its uniqueness. Moreover, legal issues related to a trademark may also arise. Therefore, avoid using irrelevant extensions.

Don’t get attached to any domain because you can switch to another domain. Besides this, investing an extra amount in premium domains is also a bad idea. Try to become creative when selecting a domain name.


The domain is the identity of the website. Therefore, try to choose the one that is unique, attractive, short, easy to say, and memorable. Moreover, creative names will make you build a brand name.

Apart from this, avoid using wrong spelling, hyphens, numbers, and long domains. Because visitors might forget the domain and reach competitors’ sites resulting in business loss.

Take your time, brainstorm, and use domain generators to pick a good name for your blog. We hope these tips and tricks will help you find a perfect domain.